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As you all know SCN is in the process of the move to Jive.

Read more in this wiki page: The New SAP Community Network - and other blogs:
As part of the move to Jive the process of uploading articles and Media items trough the  Content Submission System by the community members who are P and S users is going to change:

Today we are using a Content Submission System that requires both specific template and the review process by an expert which takes time…

In Jive we aim for the articles to be reviewed by the community and the space editors after the submission and make the process much easier and more users friendly.

What does it mean for you?

Starting Nov 7th we will stop receiving articles from community members and the link to the system will be closed.

Between November 7th and the launch there won't be new articles submission due to the migration and the final stages of the move.

We are very excited about the new system and looking forward to even more contribution after the go live.

As you can see we went live today (March 12th) and to all those who comment on this blog asking when we go live and when they can get their article published the answer is now.

Go to create a documnet and there you can upload your very first Jive doc. The CSS submissions should be uploaded manualy by you as a jive doc.

***Please note this is only for articles and media items that are uploaded through the Content Submission System.  The community will continue to be able to post blogs, blog comments, forum threads, forum responses, and wiki updates throughout this period.



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