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Globalization Services deliver globalization of SAP solutions across the entire solution portfolio, covering legal requirements as well as local business best practices, translation and technical enablement of a system to operate globally. Join discussions and explore globalization topics and country specific information about India and Israel in our related categories or access the terminology category to find out more about SAP’s official terms translated into more than 40 languages.

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Explore Globalization on Service Marketplace\globalization.

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Upcoming Events

22nd to 25th November, 2014

UK and Ireland SUG, Birmingham



25th November, 2014

South Korea YEA and Localization Seminar, Seoul, South Korea

Russia Localization Seminars FI/LO

1st to 2nd December, Moscow

8th to 9th December, Yekaterinburg

15th to 16th December, St. Petersburg

22nd to 23rd December, Moscow

15th January, 2015

Annual online workshops on Russian ERP localization
(in Russian)

22nd January, 2015

Annual online workshops on Russian ERP localization
(in English)