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Naor Shalom

SAP Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by Naor Shalom in SAP GUI on Mar 29, 2012 10:43:31 AM

1. To open a new session - ctrl & +

2. System Administration information ctrl + shift + F8

3. Manual entry of Transaction Code ctrl + shift + F8

4. Create folder in Favorite list ctrl + shift + F5

5. Add additional object ctrl + shift + F7

6. Direct go to Role maintenance ctrl + shift + F12

7. Select text on SAP screen ctrl + Y

8. To access history of Transaction code used.

Click on the Transaction code command field and use UP and DOWN arrow keys

9. To go to the Transaction code command field on SAP screen ctrl + ?

10. To download and upload the user favourites within/across systems in SAP Easy Access Screen alt + F + W and alt + F + U


Best Regards

Naor Shalom



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