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Over the last 10 years Data warehousing platform has significant strides evolving from single processor to MPP architectures and then to massive in-memory architectures like SAP HANA. These advancements in the platform can have direct / in-direct impact on data migration.


With the advent of in-memory platforms like SAP HANA realtime analytics are becoming a norm of the modern enterprise. As organizations tend towards realtime data migration is becoming more challenging. Traditional Extract, Transform and Load is no more a viable alternative. Transformations the way they were happening today are latency prone, cannot be real time as there are source dependencies.


These problems get magnified further as we start migrating / channeling voluminous structured and unstructured data.


Addressing these issues based on few discussions I had with my customers I made an attempt to look at the data migration options exploiting the latest advancements in in-memory platforms in this blog


I would like to hear your experiences and thoughts as well



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