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I admit it might be a quite harsh title for my first post on the SCN Blog but yet I am convinced that there must be more people out there who have the same type of questions that I have regarding the Pressconference SAP held on the 10th of January 2013.


First of all it is fantastic news to see that the SAP Development team was able to make this dream come true. The power of in-memory is probably clear now to everybody.I am very much looking forward to see the first customer on boarding this new solution which will be very disruptive to the industry. I have posted on my private blog some thoughts on where it will be disruptive especially for the SAP Ecosystem.


My questions are:


License Model:


  • Discounts: SAP has been very strickt regarding discounts on SAP HANA in the Geo that I am covering (Spain, Portugal, Greece & Israel) with 0% discount. That in comparison to for example Oracle with 2 digit discounts on the Exadata Software (not the HW!!!) stack, to add to this the first digit was higher than 8!

  • Different Licenses depending on use case: There was a license for HANA Enterprise, for Accelerators like CO-PA, for BW etc. all with a different price tag and what makes it for customers even more challenging, they could not all run on the same appliance at the same time. What are the plans in order to make the HANA landscape easier ?

  • If the pricing is going to be inline with the pricing of any other database vendor how is this going to look like ?




  • What will Business Suite on HANA mean for those early adoption customer who have already migrated, or are in the process of migrating, their BW to HANA?


Enterprise Readiness:


  • HANA requieres specific Infrastructure on which currently, to my knowledge, only two vendors are certified for Desaster Recovery (IBM & HP). However this is a must for a Business Suite on HANA especially on those customers SAP is targeting currently. DR is as well only available for Synchronous Replication which means Metro Distance.


I am very much looking forward to the answers since they are all part of making the great SAP HANA story more successful and to achieve the goal John Appleby has posted in his blog to reach mass-market adoption.



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