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A peer support community for SAP HANA One customers. SAP HANA One is a fully-featured SAP HANA instance hosted on Amazon Web Services, perfect for department-scale projects, SIs, ISVs, and innovative startups. This instance can be used to build and deploy on-demand applications that leverage the in-memory computing capabilities of SAP HANA.

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HANA One on AWS Cloud

Note for users of HANA One Rev 70.0 and Rev 80.0

The AMIs are deprecated from aws marketplace.

Existing customers can migrate to higher version (Rev 91.1).

Our team will make license available for Rev 70.0 and Rev 80.0 to let the customers migrate to HANA One Rev 91.1. This will be done only if customers contact us through community support or chat support,.

HANA One Large instances (122 GB and 244 GB) available in marketplace !!! NEW

HANA One on IBM Cloud !!! NEW

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