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7 Top Technologies For The High Tech Industry

Ziff Davis lists in his white paper the top 7 transformative technologies for the high tech industry. Learn more about these new technologies and some of the more significant trends shaping the high tech industry. 6 February 2014 in the Cloud: How Adobe Is Transforming Its Business – And Beyond

Dirk Wenzel describes in his blog how the move from boxed products on shelves to constantly updated product/service hybrids delivered through the cloud is transforming an industry. 23 June 2014

Make Suggestive Information More Meaningful At The Time Of Transaction

Josh Clark - Do you have to be a Michelin-starred chef to make a decent meal? Of course not. Nor do you have to be a data scientist with Ph.D. degree to gain useful insights from the data present in your company.4 April 2014 business end of the Internet of Things

Pradeep Amladi: The big buzz at CES this year was all about the internet of things: passive objects and devices communicating to make your life better, whether in wearable technology, your car or your kitchen. The key point is that with sensors coming down in price, they can now be built into all sorts of things. Read more ..

27 February 2014

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