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Welcome in SAP on UBM i update! This time we will describe how to use ssh to do simple administrative tasks.

There are situations when one wants to access the SAP system on IBM i in the same way as a SAP system on UNIX, e.g. someone without IBM i knowledge needs to test the effect of modifications of SAP-Profiles.


SAP-Note 1966316 describes the steps necessary to set up a UNIX-like Environment for <SID>adm. This updates the paseinlpgm and the startsap/stopsap programs and creates/updates some UNIX-profiles in /home/<sid>adm.


You need an SSH-Client for your Windows-PC in order to use these features. A popular one is PuTTY, a free Telnet/SSH client maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.

Then log on to your IBM i System as user <sid>adm: After starting PuTTY and entering the host name you are presented with the 'login as:'-Prompt where you type in the user-name, hit <ENTER> and type in the password and hit <ENTER>.


Then you are at the mercy of the minimalistic '%'-Unix prompt and may start working --- but only if you know what you are doing.


To stop the SAP-System use the 'stopsap' command and to start it the 'startsap' command.


To leave the SSH-Session type 'exit'.

Customizing the UNIX-Environment:


The file .login_shell in the home-directory <sid>adm determines which UNIX-Shell is used for login. Standard shells are the preset C-Shell (/QOpenSys/bin/csh) or the Korn-Shell (/QOpenSys/bin/ksh93).


You can customize these shells by editing the .login (for csh) or the .profile (for ksh93). See the appropriate Unix documentation on how to do this.



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