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NetWeaver Identity Management, IdM, offers a built-in script editor which can be replaced easily by another

editor of your choice. Notepad++ is a very nice and handy text editor which offer syntax highlighting.


This blog

describes how to activate Notepad++ as the script editor for IdM (assuming that the program is already installed) and how to enable syntax highlighting for IdM scripts using a specific

language file.

Here you
see the result showing Javascript keywords (blue), constants (red), variables
(black), comments (grey) and in addition IdM internal functions (green) and IdM
global scripts (orange):


Syntax highlighting with Notepad++



1. Step: Activate Notepad++ as script editor in IdM



Enter the
path to the Notepad++ program at "Tools->Options->Script editor" in the Identity Center:


Activate Notepad++ as script editor



2. Step: Download and prepare the Notepad++

language definition file




Navigate to

the Notepad++ language file page and download the file


which is labeled as "SAP NetWeaver IdM

I’ve prepared a language file which is optimized for IdM release 7.1. I plan, to publish another file
for release 7.2, too.)

If you
don't have an


file already, you can drop this file among

your other configuration file, in the Notepad++ Install Folder. It should be renamed

Language selection in Notepad++

correct language gets automatically selected while opening a script in IdM.
Technically IdM uses the


file extension even if the file content is


3. Have fun

... and eyjoy better reading of IdM scripts.




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