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The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies foster innovation, capture it, and effectively and rapidly turn it into value generating initiatives that deliver continued industry leadership. All in all it supports companies on their way to establish an effective and efficient innovation management.

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Social vs. Business

Making your organization unnecessary as business goal sounds quite strange. Read what Alejandro learned while conducting a workshop at the Social Impact Lab in Berlin.


Deep Dive into Evaluating Ideas in SAP Innovation Management

Don’t buy a pig in a poke! As seeing is believing, read Theodor’s blog about evaluating ideas and watch the videos including.

Design Thinking Workshop: The Calder Way

Are you the Chaplin or Calder type of Design Thinking coach? – Learn more in Alejandro’s blog.


Design Thinking Workshop: the Chaplin Way

Curious to know what Charlie Chaplin and the preparation of a DT workshop have in common? Then read Alejandros answer on this.


Take Innovation to the next level

As change is everywhere and its speed is increasing, it is more important than ever to take Innovating to the next level. In his blog Michel Sérié shares this thoughts and recommendations and offers the opportunity to take an innovation management assessment.

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SAP Innovation Management roadshow: Leverage your Intrapreneurs' Potential!

275092_l_srgb_s_gl.jpgAre you taking advantage of your intrapreneurs to create new business value, scale cultural impact and respond to new competitive threats? Get inspired how to leverage this potential best and join the SAP Innovation Management roadshow on Sept 24 in Sophia Antipolis (Cote d'Azur, France).


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