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The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies foster innovation, capture it, and effectively and rapidly turn it into value generating initiatives that deliver continued industry leadership. All in all it supports companies on their way to establish an effective and efficient innovation management.

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Innovation Effectiveness in Innovation Management

In Innovation Management, effectiveness ranges from selecting the right idea to delivering the right innovation to the market. Read Theodor’s blog and figure out how this works.

The Paradox of Grass Roots Innovation and Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are said to be more productive, so what does it take to connect, engage and build loyalty with all our employees? Find out Wayne's thoughts about this.

The innovation portfolio puzzle

Which ideas should you pick to move them forward? An important point is how to organize and balance your portfolio of innovation initiatives. Marco explains how to deal with this challenges.

Thought Leadership in SAP Innovation Management

Thought leadership is essential for driving innovation inside a company but also with partners and customers. In his blog Theodor explains how SAP Innovation Management thereby helps to deliver thought leadership across the company and to partners and customers.

The Rabbi and one important Design Thinking principal

Learn more about the meaning of empathy to really understand your users / stakeholders need and read Gilles’s blog.

My 5 Golden Rules for Design Thinking Workshops

Did you ever want to know how to guide a Design Thinking Workshop correctly? – Try the 5 Golden Rules Alejandro shared in his blog.

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How do you capture and manage ideas to drive business value?

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