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The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies foster innovation, capture it, and effectively and rapidly turn it into value generating initiatives that deliver continued industry leadership. All in all it supports companies on their way to establish an effective and efficient innovation management.

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Four Steps to Establish an Innovation DNA in Your Organization - Part I

Ever wondered how you instill an innovation culture in your organization? Here are some insights and learnings from an initiative we've been running for the past year at SAP.


Best Practices for Innovation Management

In the first post of this series, we explained the catalyst for the book Innovation Management Framework: Enabling and Fostering Innovation in Your Company written by Marco Cigaina. We also looked at the overall Innovation Management Framework (IMF). Now, let’s turn our attention to best practices for taking advantage of the IMF.


How the Cloud Transforms the Innovation Model

With the Cloud, the new innovation model has shifted and now requires a small team of committed professionals to decide that they wish to solve an existing challenge. They come up with an initial idea, build a solution, run it, update the idea and continue to iterate in the learning cycle until they come up with a desirable solution.


Innovation Management Framework: Making Innovation Probable and Repeatable

Innovation is more essential than ever before. However, many companies struggle to truly achieve it. That’s largely because of innovation’s multifaceted complexity and the fact that success hinges on smooth interactions and synergies between various areas and elements of the enterprise.


Innovation Management Programs in a Nutshell

Everybody loves innovation these days. Any single company that respects itself mention innovation as one of its core values and strives to be even more innovative. In this post I will describe a few innovation management programs that might be handy if you are looking for new ways to foster innovation in your organization.

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