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This space is for discussion on Internet of Things (IoT) offerings from SAP, which includes M2M Connectivity, cloud platform, device management, big data management, event stream processing, predictive analytics, and apps-to make IoT projects real, repeatable, and scalable.

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SAP Solutions for the Internet of Things

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Power of the Internet of Things

Read the blog by SAP’s Steve Lucas about SAP’s position on the Internet of Things, including how we bring together two worlds: the world of technology/sensors/machine data with existing business processes, applications, and practices.


Building Blocks for the Next Internet Revolution

Someday, our vehicles, appliances, bridges and other assets will monitor themselves and will let us know when it is time to service them. Someday, our vending machines and stores will never run out of our favorite treat as they will make the call for replacement before inventory runs out. That is brought to you by the Internet of Things.

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