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On twitter we saw that Solution Manager 7.1 SP5 is planned to be available June 11th


Below are notes from an ASUG webcast I attended with SAP's John Krakowski , SAP Product Management, covering the "Technical Side" of Solution Manager 7.1 SP5



Figure 1: Source: SAP


John said there is a commitment to support SAP Hana in a proactive monitoring fashion.  In SP4 there is some monitoring - see this blog for details.  SP5 will provide full integration of SLT and Data Services



Figure 2: Source: SAP


SP4 has root cause support for SUP 2.1


SP5 support for SUP 2.11 and Gateway 2.0 End to End Trace analysis and system monitoring



Figure 3: Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows the backbone roadmap,



Figure 4: Source SAP

System monitoring will be available via the iPad and upcoming will be viewing on SmartPhone/Android as well



Figure 5: Source: SAP


Figure 5 shows management dashboards, which are Xcelsius based.  With Enterprise Support the pre delivered management dashboards are available. You do not need a separate BusinessObjects license for these dashboards.  If you want to develop your own dashboards you will need a license

Figure 5 shows the additional dashboards provided



Figure 6: Source: SAP


Figure 6 shows “Interactive Continuous Improvement”.  John said this will allow you a deep dive into technical data in your landscape.

As adding more uses, or changes, continuous improvement will show you the impacts of these changes



Figure 7: Source: SAP


On the business process side, additional items planned are benchmarking, trend, age and enhanced filter functionality to “slice and dice”




Figure 8: Source: SAP


Figure 8 shows a sample; you need business process monitoring configured to show this.


A complete Solution Manager Roadmap 7.1 SP5  is available for download on Service MarketPlace (SMP logon required) at



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