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How many of us heard about it?


Well I have implemented this tool for several customers and it really works in an amazing way. Sharing some useful insights!!


What it does?

BPCA help us to find out the list of all impacted business processes or scenario for our Solution Manager project.


How it does?

The underlying technology for BPCA is the TBOM or Technicall Bill of Material which means we have a record of all the inventories related to a transaction. Particularly a TBOM is created by recording the transaction code.


How it works?

Business is always worried while upgrading or applying patches or whenever a transport request with some enhancements are moving in your production (ECC or BI) environment whethere it will impact existing Business Processes which are live or not?


The answer is BPCA or Business Process Change Analyzer tool which we can run to execute and prepare a report based upon SP EHP or even single TR is going to impact and where or how much.


Where is it ? which Workcenter ?

It is available in Test Management workcenter


What are the Pre-requisites for BPCA ?

Kindly check this note


Once you have configured it and it's up and running all you need to do is goto Solman_workcenter Transaction in Solution Manager

click the Test Management workcenter tab and on the left choose the BP Change Analyzer


thus as we can see here we have options of Support Package or Enhancement Packages or Transport Requests etc.


If for e.g. I choose a Transport Request and provided the details and run BPCA analyzer tool then below output will be produced as highlted as Analysis on Solman ZBPCA Project which I have executed on Development system. bpca2.jpg


On choosing BPCA analysis which we have created it show all the impacted Business Process or Process Steps here as shown in the below portion of the screen.


I will gather some more time and share more information on it.



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