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Let your data tell the story with SAP Lumira: Visualize your data right on your PC with Lumira Desktop, utilize Lumira Server for Trusted Data Discovery and benefit from agile visualizations in the Lumira Cloud. Access our knowledge resources here on SCN, and ask your questions and share your experience!

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Featured Content for SAP Lumira

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What's New in SAP Lumira 1.20 (summary)

Lumira 1.20 will be out soon! Sharon Om shares highlights of what you can expect in this release!


SAP Lumira Virtual Class Webinars - Getting Started with SAP Lumira

New to Lumira? Join Linda Perruzi in the monthly live webinars to learn, ramp up on Lumira and start building really cool visualisations!


DataGeek III: Thrones of Data

Join  the Data Geek Challenge Movement and win the Throne of Lumira!

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How to use Esri Maps in SAP Lumira

SAP Brings Geo Content to Lumira to Link GIS Information to Business Data. Avni Savant shares the exciting details!

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Guide to SAP Lumira Data Access Extensions (DAE)

Trevor Dubinsky publishes his own understanding of DAE and how they work in Lumira. Create a DAE in Part Two

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