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I would like to thank SAP Lumira Team to bringing out this How to Join The Data Geek Challenge This is really interesting.

I have my own data, where I am evaluating the performance of my team in a particular test phase.

I have created data story using SAP Lumira tool. I found, SAP Lumira quite useful while viewing my team performance data in different areas in particular testphase .



In Project review, how each member has contributed towards the team success & how was their own performance.

I came up with a simple analysis about the work they have done in each area e.g. who contributed in functional test case writing,

who contributed in accessibility & usability. 



SAP Lumira provides numerous visualization options with variety of charts and it is fun analyzing the data sets. I have used bar charts for my analysis.Which is quite comprehense & simple.


Total test cases created by each team member:

testcasePer teammember.png


Team members who were involved in functionality test case writing




Team Members who were involved in accessibility test case writing


only team member 3 & 8 have written accessibility tetscases.





Team Members who were involved in usability test case writing


Team Member who participated in Usability test case writing in one phase.


Final Story:




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