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It was a great experience working on SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP MDG(Master Data Governance), Now I am looking forward for SAP BPM(Business Process Management). After analysing, I found that MDM with MDG and BPM can enhance and govern quality of data for any organization which was not realized before. MDM’s strong features of data quality, MDG’s governance, BPM’s process, when combined could remove lot of problems(data quality, transparency, latency) we are facing now a days.



Suppose  some data is entered through website, say Supplier name, phone number. This Data is sent to NetWeaver MDM. Now here, Data will be qualified and managed with the  features like matching and merging, validations, assignments, taxonomy to make one single version of truth or Golden records. When Data is approved by Master Data Specialist, BPM triggers MDG workflow, which ensures that  all ERP specific attributes are maintained, which also ensures transparency so that requestor can easily check status in workflow log. After master data governance process the new supplier is created in ECC. Now, BPM here will sent a notification to original requester about creation. 



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