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SAP Mobile Documents enables you and others to access your documents instantly on your PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Available on-premise or on-demand using the SAP HANA Cloud.

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Jens Koster

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SAP Mobile Documents: A Secure Way to Access Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere

Read the new SAP Insider article by Annette Fuchs for an overview of SAP Mobile Documents and its features and learn how the product works in detail. July 24, 2014

How to Setup SAP Mobile Documents

In his new implementation guide, Jens Koster describes the setup of SAP Mobile Documents step-by-step, including installation of SAP NetWeaver AS Java, configuration tasks, connecting additional repositories and application integration. July 16, 2014

Mailing Big Attachments Using SAP Mobile Documents

SAP Mobile Documents enables you to share files securely with your team and business partners. In his latest blog, Ashwani Kumar Sharma shows how easy it is to send big attachments using the Microsoft Outlook Add-In of SAP Mobile Documents. June 23, 2014

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