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Normally,  when you buy a book, there's a short summary on the back which you read  first. Same for essays and articles, conclusions come at the end. In  this blog series, I will defend/promote Android for enterprises, but  since it will span multiple blog episodes, I feel kinda forced to give  the summary already ahead. In my subsequent episodes, I will zoom in on  specific subjects around Android/Google.

Let's start with a bold statement: Android at work

Android may be the single biggest opportunity in enterprise mobility!

There, I said it.


Does this mean that all those managers and directors have to throw out their iPads and iPhones?



I mean: No!

Truth  is, I'd love to see them throw everything out of the window (that would be a laugh), but let's  not drive them insane (Yet). Other platforms can be supported by IT too,  there's no problem in having multiple devices/platforms. None the less,  Android holds much more potential than any other platform currently out  there. Beware that maybe, in a couple of weeks, I could be making the  same statement on Windows Phone. Not likely, but possible. The mobile  market is afterall changing very fast.

  Why dare I make this statement? What are my reasons?

#1 Android has a market share of 52% in Q3 2011. [source: Gartner] [Updated]

What Gartner does not mention, is that Android apps also run in virtual machines for Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and iOS.

#2 There's potentially a lot more Android developers than iOS developers.

Android  is Java based, which is a widely known programming language with a low  treshold. Atop, the development environment is free and available for  all mainstream desktop OS'. (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

#3 Android is open and thus appears on much more than just smartphones. 

Rugged androidIt's already available on tablets, netbooks, rugged devices, on-board car computers, home appliances,...

Can  you imagine your car being able to read your next meeting and program  your navigation system to bring you there? Fleet managers can locate  cars, check fuel consumption or receive alerts when a car is involved in  an accident.

#4 Integration with Google.

Google  offers much more than just the Android platform. Enterprises can  purchase a subscription to Google Apps for only 40€ / user per year. This  includes mailaccounts customized to your domain, company pages,  document autoring and storage, mobile device management, calendar, collaboration platform and much much more. You'll enjoy the advantages of Cloud technology off the shelf.

#5  Sybase and SAP still do not support native Android development,  although they do promise to have it soon. (and have been promising so  since 12 months...) Once the support arrives, there's nothing stopping  the penetration of Android into the enterprises. Apart from maybe the Android development myths. A popular one is: "There's so many different screen sizes, we'll need an optimized version of our program for each form factor!!"


I will explain each of these points more in detail in following blog episodes:

(Disclaimer, I made this list up front, but it may change as I'm writing. Episodes may be merged, new episodes may be added)

#AndroidForEnterprise 2: Market

#AndroidForEnterprise 3: Mobility

#AndroidForEnterprise 4: Embedded

#AndroidForEnterprise 5: Integrate Google

#AndroidForEnterprise 6: SAP support for Android

#7 Development myths


Enjoy the read!


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