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Amey Baisane

Sybase Unwired Platform VS Syclo

Posted by Amey Baisane in SAP for Mobile on Jun 24, 2013 12:13:18 PM

Hi All,


I have came across a nice comparison between Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP ) and Syclo, thought of sharing the same with you all.


Sybase Unwired Platform


Heavy weight MEAP

Light weight MEAP

Contains Middle-ware Cache Database (CDB)

Does not contain any Middleware Cache

Single codebase, can generate app for multiple platform

Can generate Native Data Layer

Does not allow Native development

API for Multiple Platforms and HTML code for online Apps

More than one Syclo application cannot reside on a single device with out-of-the box settings.

Allows Native development

Rules for user based Partitioning will be defined in Backend

Multiple SUP application can reside in a single device

End-end debugging is possible

Rules for user based Partitioning will be defined in SUP

Data is stored in file system as encrypted files

Minimal support for debugging. Back-end and device debugging can be done. End to End trace can be enabled to track the data flow in the SUP 2.2.

Reverse Proxy is not supported

Data is stored in a device database (UltraliteDB)


Relay server can be used as Reverse Proxy



Please share your comments and add more points to this, those are covered in this...


Kind Regards,

Amey Baisane



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