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This document explains how we can activate the rules on the Net Weaver DOE portal.  In 4 layer architecture CRM, DOE, SUP and device, after the data load completed from CRM system to DOE system, these rules needs to be activated in the DOE portal to send data to the SUP server and later on the devices.
This document expects the reader to have DOE hands on knowledge and link of DOE portal. Document purely explains How to activate the rules in the DOE portal.
  • S/W Environment :SUP and Net-Weaver
  • Application Type: CRM Mobile Sales 2.0
  • The Sybase MobileSales for SAP CRM 2.0 application (available for iPhone and iPad) implements sales functionality of business partner (accounts and contacts) management, activities, leads and opportunities, sales documents, and analytics. Mobile users can view, update, and create master data or transactional objects (with some difference across platforms and objects).
  • DOE rules are responsible for preparing the data to be sent to device via SUP layer. These rules were getting deactivated during the initial load of data from CRM backend to DOE. During this time no data flows from DOE to SUP layer.
  • Once the DOE receives data from backend and initial load is complete from CRM,  DOE rule needs to be activated manually from the DOE portal.
  • As soon as the rules are activated, DOE starts preparing the data for all the affected users and start sending to the device queues via SUP.
  • DOE internally start sending the data to send to the device via SUP  server before actually waiting for the device to sync up.
1. Go to DOE portal
2. Administration>Distribution Rule Administration
3.  Here e.g. you can see that DEV_RULE_USER  Rule is in deactivation status.
4. Select it and Click on Activate button to activate it.



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