TechEd Las Vegas is less than 2 months away and the SAP Mobile Platform team is planning for an ASUG all-day "Mobility" pre-conference session on Monday, October 21, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. which will be presented by Jeff Gebo.


In this one-day workshop, you will gain deep insights into the inner workings of the latest SAP Mobile Platform (SMP). We will start with the product road map where you will get an understanding of the direction of SMP. From there, we will dive into application development, building an application from scratch with the tools and services provided by SMP 3.0. We will start very basic, by creating a data model, putting a user interface on top, and connecting it to an SAP backend. After this version of the application is running on the mobile device, we will layer in platform services: Adding a logon module that can handle multiple authentication types, adding 3D animations, enable delta handling in the backend, setup push notifications, and finally, we will expand the model to span SAP and non-SAP backends. After each step, we will verify that the application still works and the new features are available. Finally, we will do some application usage analysis using the SMP Administration console to see how we interacted with our new application.


1. Get access to industry leading mobile application development platform roadmap details our product experts.

Our position in the market was reconfirmed earlier this month when SAP Positioned in Leaders Quadrant for Gartner Mobile App Development Platform MQ. During our ASUG session, we will provide an overview of the SAP Mobile Platform and walk through the roadmap for attendees to understand our excellent mobile platform critical capabilities and plans for future innovation.

You can get an early start on SAP Mobile Platform roadmap information at under Database & Technology or follow the direct link.


2. See example projects built on the industry’s most open and unified mobile application development platform.

SAP Mobile Platform has evolved to support more open technologies including OData. OData is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs. OData builds on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST. The result is a uniform way to expose full-featured data APIs. Watch the video below to learn more about OData. In the ASUG session, Jeff will cover how our MADP technology supports (and other open technologies) and show example projects built on these technologies.



3. Learn how we have created an unified mobile application development platform for consumer and enterprise mobile apps.

Jens Koerner outlined the unification to the SAP Mobile Platform technologies in a recent post, Get your hands on SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.  Our mobile platform unifies the developer, administrator and end user experiences to build and deploy consumers and enterprise mobile apps.  Below is a video that visually describes the product and during the ASUG mobile session Jeff will provide specific details of the enhanced experiences of developers, administrators, and end users with the SAP Mobile Platform.





Space is limited for ASUG all-day "Mobility" pre-conference session on Monday, October 21, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m so sign up today!


Click here for more information and registration details. 

Alex Flagg

The Ultimate BYOD Guide

Posted by Alex Flagg Aug 28, 2013

Charles McLellan at ZDNet may have just written the best BYOD/MDM/Consumerization guide I’ve ever read. The article, titled “Consumerization, BYOD, and MDM: What you need to know,” goes from big-picture to focused implenetation about one of the most important new trends, BYOD.







BYOD can seem overwhelming at first: the solution is not just lying there, if that’s what you’re thinking. BYOD will take planning, and most importantly Mobile Device Management (MDM). But it is a solvable problem, and it is absolutely necessary with employees bringing in their own devices. Essentially BYOD policies seek to make personal devices more business secure and professional: sensitive business data is kept secure even on devices that the company itself doesn’t own. The image above has a great overview of exactly what’s going on from a technical standpoint.







Give the article at ZDNet a good read, it goes over everything you need to know in a great amount of detail. “We hear a lot about ‘work-life balance’ in today’s world of increasingly capable and connected mobile devices,” writes McLellan. “The challenge for business IT departments in the next few years is work out how best to accommodate these demands on employees’ mobile devices.”


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