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Alex Flagg

The Ultimate BYOD Guide

Posted by Alex Flagg in SAP for Mobile on Aug 28, 2013 1:18:53 AM

Charles McLellan at ZDNet may have just written the best BYOD/MDM/Consumerization guide I’ve ever read. The article, titled “Consumerization, BYOD, and MDM: What you need to know,” goes from big-picture to focused implenetation about one of the most important new trends, BYOD.







BYOD can seem overwhelming at first: the solution is not just lying there, if that’s what you’re thinking. BYOD will take planning, and most importantly Mobile Device Management (MDM). But it is a solvable problem, and it is absolutely necessary with employees bringing in their own devices. Essentially BYOD policies seek to make personal devices more business secure and professional: sensitive business data is kept secure even on devices that the company itself doesn’t own. The image above has a great overview of exactly what’s going on from a technical standpoint.







Give the article at ZDNet a good read, it goes over everything you need to know in a great amount of detail. “We hear a lot about ‘work-life balance’ in today’s world of increasingly capable and connected mobile devices,” writes McLellan. “The challenge for business IT departments in the next few years is work out how best to accommodate these demands on employees’ mobile devices.”



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