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I would like to give an idea about the major changes between the previous Sybase unwired platform versions and the latest SAP Mobileplatform. The differences listed in the below table are at a high level and technical details about each component are not discussed. I have not considered the SMP 2.3 version in the below table. Let me know if there are any suggestions and I shall update the blog as I learn more about the new SMP 3.0 product. SMP 3.0 would be released after 14th Nov 2013, so we shall know more details.
FeatureSUP 2.1xSMP 3.0
Land ScapeSUP cluster available for High availabilityNo Cluster but another server (Standby server) gets activated if primary is not available.
PlatformSUP standalone productMerged Syclo Agentry , SAP Lean Java Server, Sybase Mobilizer into one single Product
EIS ( Enterprise Information System)Supports heterogeneous EISSupports heterogeneous EIS but with OData protocol only
Cache PolicyData Tier Existed called CDB ( Consolidated database) for cache purposesThe concept of CDB no more exists; the data tier has the details regarding
configuration settings only.
Relay ServerRelay Server existed for proxyNo more Relay Server concept, 3rd Party Reverse Proxy can be used.
Mobile Business ObjectMobile Business Objects holds the business logicThe concept of Mobile Business Objets no more exists.
Operating SystemOnly WindowsWindows,Linux and Mac
FrameworkJavaJava with OSGI as container.
Adminstration ConsoleSCC ( Sybase Control Center) SMP Management Cockpit.
Hybrid ApplicationsCould be developed through Hybrid web containerIntroduced Cordova with Kapsel plugins. ( For iOS and Android) Support for other mobile platforms is planned in future versions.
MiscellaneousNo Syclo applications could be developedOnly one Syclo Application per SMP server can be developed.



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