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Jason Latko

OpenUI for Agentry in SMP 3.0

Posted by Jason Latko in SAP for Mobile on Feb 11, 2014 6:45:30 PM

OpenUI is now available in SMP 3.0 for Agentry.  This new feature-set allows programmers to extend the Agentry user interface to include controls you create yourself for the native OS: iOS, Android or Windows.  With this flexibility, your Agentry user inteface is limited only by your imagination.  Check out the recorded demo for an excellent introduction to this new technology by OpenUI experts Dave and Kunal from Syclo showing what is possible and how to accomplish it.


SMP 3.0 is still in ramp-up and not yet released officially.  OpenUI support is included in SP01 for SMP 3.0, so make sure you download and install that patch to make use of the new features seen in the demo video if you have ramp-up access.


Documentation Resources:


SAP official documentation








Check back here for more information on OpenUI as it becomes available!



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