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SAP has significantly increased the usability of some of the most common business functions with the creation of Fiori – oh, and now it is free: Fiori is free, now what.

Here at NIMBL we have been busy configuring Fiori Applications in our lab environment, and this week we focused on GRC and more specifically, the applications that are available for SAP Access Control.


SAP has several applications available for Access Control – below are highlights of the most popular ones:

  • Request Access: A user can search for SAP roles based on various criteria, then they can request those roles with one click.
  • Check Request Status:  Search for all requests submitted by me or on my behalf and check the status of the request.  Additionally, see the list of all approvers and send them a message
  • Access Approver: Approve, Reject or forward access requests.  You can view risk information about the request and explore the information on the risk level and actions that caused the risks.  Send a personalized comment to the requestor.


The two applications that we have installed and configured are Request Access and Check Request Status.




Pretty cool huh? (It beats CUP any day)

Here are the basic installation and configuration steps for the above applications:


     1) Our GRC system is running on NW 7.4, which includes the SAP_UI and Gateway components – We did however need to install the      GRC Transactional  Applications for Fiori – this is: SAPK-100AGINUIGRC001


     2) Review and Install any relevant OSS notes.  For the GRC UI and the Access Apps, the needed OSS notes are:


          1929930 – General Prerequisites needed for GRC Fiori

           1966012 – Corrections for Access Request App



     3) Activate the OData Services via /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE transaction code.  The two oData services needed are:





     4) Activate the UI Components in SICF, they are:


     GRC_ACREQ_CRE and



     5) Assign the Roles needed to the Users, they are:






And that is it – check out the screenshots: (Note: These were taken on a Nexus 7 tablet)



Overall – the installation and configuration for these two applications were very simple.  More, in-depth configuration steps are required for some of the other applications in GRC.  It is however worth the effort, as you can see the UI is simple, intuitive and pleasing to look at. 



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