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Your Input Needed: SAP Business Client on the new SAP Community Platform

Please check out the SCN Open Beta, which was announced this week, and voice any concerns you may have.

I have also created a blog on this, mainly as a way of collecting any comments - eg if you have left a comment in the beta site, to which you would like to alert us:

Your Input Needed: SAP Business Client on the new SAP Community Platform


Configuring Remote Systems in SM59

Alexey Arseniev from the development team has written a comprehensive guide to this topic, which is well worth a read:

Configuring Remote Systems in SM59

Feel free to comment btl.


New SAP Note: 2302074 - Maintenance strategy, deadlines for SAP BC / NWBC

We often get questions about the maintenance strategy for SAP Business Client releases.  To clarify support timelines for the client releases, explain why they differ from regular product maintenance (as for SAP NetWeaver 7.40, SAP ERP ECC 6.0 etc.), and establish confidence that there will be a long-lasting support for SAP Business Client, the Product Ownership team has created SAP Note 2302074 - Maintenance strategy and deadlines for SAP Business Client / NWBC. Hope this helps.

New content: YouTube Channel, Overview Deck, and more

We have also just created a YouTube playlist for SAP BC. Just 5 videos at present, but we intend to work on that. I should add that the lion's share of the video creation and editing was by Sandra:

Business Client - YouTube

SAP Business Client 6.0: Videos

With SAP Business Client 6.0, for the first time, you can launch SAP GUI  transactions directly from the SAP Fiori Launchpad (using the embedded SAP GUI for Windows). Keep in mind: Only Business Client launches SAP GUI for Windows native transactions. Other clients by default launch SAP GUI for HTML.

Business Client 6.0 (PL2) - YouTube

SAP Business Client 6.0 - Integrating Fiori launchpad - YouTube (short version)

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