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The following three types of parameter files are defined in SAP system.

Usually at “/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile” directory. 


  1. Default –DEFAULT
  2. Start profile - START_DVEBMGS00_
  3. Instance profile - SID_DVEBMGS00_


These parameters change the system settings.  Those parameters can be changing though RZ10 transaction.

Changing Profile parameters can be done changing the parameters on DEFAULT and Instance profiles.  The profile type will be changed according to the system architecture. 


  • Multiple application servers  : Use DEFAULT profile.
  • Single Application servers : Use Instance Profile


After complete ring the parameter change the SAP instance should be restarted.


Ex: Removing multiple logon for sap system


Parameter:                         login/disable_multi_gui_login

Parameter values:           0 - allow, 1- not allowed multiple logon

Step By Step Procedure


Use transaction code rz10


Select the relevant profile and Mark extended maintenance then click on display




Then click on Edit the parameter button on the toolbar.


(If the parameter cannot be seen, It should be created though the button ‘parameter’ then type the correct parameter name and then copy. Finally it will ask to save and activate)



It will ask you to save and activate when exit from the screen. Then Save it.



Then Log into the Server from the shell and restart the application instance.

Eg : Following is stop and start sap r3 for a single server instance. 







Then check wheather it is configured or not. Doing multiple login to the system. then following msg will be displayed.








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