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Technology News @SCN the best biweekly source for all SAP Community Network news, events, blogs, whitepapers, and more. You'll get sneak previews into special offers and promotions. You'll find out which SCN members are doing what, what types of content they're creating, and how you can connect with peers, experts and SAP Mentors.

Business Intelligence Tech News @SCN monthly downloads, how-to guides, news, special offers and promotions, blogs, events, and more. The newsletter offers the top (and exclusive) content from the Business Analytics Community.

SAP University Alliances Community Newsletter newsletter is a compendium of the best content from the SAP University Alliances Community. It offers a vast array of articles, whitepapers, recorded presentations, moderated forums, and lively blogs.

SAP Middleware News @SCN

This newsletter offers exclusive news, webcasts, events and insights on Middleware and IT Management topics, such as Process Orchestration, Operational Process Intelligence, ALM, Virtualization & Cloud Management, Software Defined Data Center solutions, Big Process & Big Data and Intelligent Business Operations on SAP HANA – SAP’s newest powerful Middleware technology bundle. Subscribe today for the best of SAP Middleware.

SCN Momentum

SCN Momentum is a bi-monthly newsletter tailored for moderators and space editors. This newsletter highlights relevant changes and new features in SCN, recaps important community events, and invites our stakeholders to upcoming meetings and events.

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SAP Store Newsletter

Find the solutions that address your industry-specific requirements. Evaluate the fit against your current IT environment. Start the process by connecting directly with qualified SAP professionals and sign up for the SAP Store Newsletter (formerly SAP EcoHub Newsletter).

SAP Flash Newsletter

When you sign up for the SAP Flash newsletter, you'll receive free weekly information on SAP news and events, demos, special offers, and more. Sign up now.