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The  Oracle Solaris operating system supported on over 1000 x86 and SPARC platforms delivers the performance, stability, and security your users and customers demand. With thousands of applications available on Solaris, one OS can span your entire enterprise: the web tier, the data warehouse, and the most demanding technical compute applications. Moving to Solaris 11 is easy, whether you're upgrading from an older Solaris release or migrating from another OS.
Sun and SAP have been working together since 1993 to provide a scalable, reliable, secure, flexible, and open computing infrastructure for customers around the globe. Over time our joint efforts have paid off, helping Sun to consistently achieve many SAP Sales and Distribution standard application benchmark world records. In 2010, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation, which is continuing the cooperation with SAP running Solaris.


New White Paper "Virtualization Monitoring in Oracle Solaris Zones" Available New!

Many SAP customers who run SAP on Solaris are using Zones as a flexible and efficient way to virtualize their IT infrastructure. Now we have a new white paper on how to manage and monitor Zones, written by an expert with an SAP background. You can download it here..


Solaris FAQ Published as SAP Note 2136441

To answer the most common questions about SAP on Oracle Solaris 11, we have created SAP Note 2136441 - SAP on Solaris 11: FAQ, which has links to relevant SAP Notes or documentation.
This is not an exhaustive list of all topics concerning SAP on Oracle Solaris. If you cannot find satisfactory answers to your questions here, you can search for other SAP Notes or contact your support representative.


New White Paper Available:  "Minimal Required Oracle Solaris Packages for SAP Installation with Oracle Database 11g"

This paper provides instructions and best practices on how to install SAP with Oracle Database 11g using the minimum required packages and services for the Oracle Solaris operating system. The goal of this document is to increase security on the Oracle Solaris operating system by minimizing the required packages and disabling unnecessary services on the system. This strategy makes your system safer.

You can download the new white paper here.


Best Practices for Using ZFS Snapshot and Rollback with SAP Applications

There is a new white paper available for download describing Solaris best practices for using ZFS snapshot and rollback with SAP applications. This paper provides instructions and best practices on how to create and manage ZFS snapshot and rollback within the local zone on Oracle Solaris 10 and 11. ZFS snapshot and rollback is the best way to revert to a stable setting of deployments and applications after any system modification.

You can download the new white paper here.


Oracle Solaris 11.2 Released on July 31st

Oracle Solaris 11.2 has been tested and is fully supported to run SAP applications. Applications certified for Oracle Solaris 11 do not need to be recertified when updating to Oracle Solaris 11.2 or later, due to the Oracle Solaris Binary Compatibility Guarantee.

Solaris 11.2 includes the following key features:

  • Kernel zones - certified for SAP applications
  • Unified Archive
  • Compliance Report
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Open Stack

For more information, see SAP Note 2047465 - SAP Software in an Oracle Solaris 11.2 Kernel and the details here.


SAPOSCOL on Oracle Solaris Enhanced with New Features

SAPOSCOL has been enhanced to better detect OVM virtualization and Oracle Solaris Zones (previously only Zones were detected). This enhancement is available with SAP HOST AGENT 7.20 SP188 for Solaris x86 and SPARC. For more information, see SAP Note 2031893 Collection of Virtualization Configuration in SAPOSCOL on Solaris.


Two New Oracle White Papers on Security Available

Awareness about the topic of security among business and IT teams did not start with the NSA scandal – Oracle Solaris already comes with built-in security features as standard. You just have to know how to use them. So to help customers make better use of these existing features, we have released two white papers:


New World Record SAP SD Benchmark with Solaris / SPARC Achieved

On March 26, SAP and Oracle announced the result of another benchmark for Solaris / SPARC systems, based on the SPARC M6 processor and Solaris 11. This shows the performance gain achievable for an SAP system when using both Solaris and SPARC, underscoring the sound platform offered by Solaris / SPARC for SAP applications.

Details of the new world records for SAP SD benchmarks with Oracle's SPARC T5 and M5 / M6 servers:


Installing New SAP Application Server Instances with SAP LVM 2.0 on Oracle Solaris

Oracle is working with SAP to make Oracle resources and IT infrastructure available for SAP LVM. With the integration of Oracle virtualization and SAP LVM, it is possible to automate SAP processes running on Oracle infrastructure, such as Oracle Solaris, Oracle storage, and Oracle servers. This paper provides instructions and best practices on how to use the functionality for SAP LVM Application Server Instance Provisioning with Oracle Solaris 11. It describes the necessary steps to install an additional AC-enabled application server. You can download this installation guide here.


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