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SAP community for Process Integration (PI) and SOA Middleware. Find helpful blogs, discussions and resources. With SAP PI organizations can accelerate business integration and form new and innovative solutions that meet their changing business needs quickly. SAP NetWeaver PI is part of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration combining the power of SAP NetWeaver BPM, BRM and PI into a single, integrated solution.

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Featured Content SAP PI Rest Adapter

Watch  Ivo Kulm's collection of blog entries for the PI REST Adapter that shows architectural concepts and configuration for integrating your SAP PI landscape with other REST services. Dec 2014 SAP HANA Cloud Integration Web Tooling

Get insight how pre-packaged integration content that is available in the public content catalogue may be directly consumed and if necessary also be extended. Read this blog written by Anette Asmus to understand how to use the Web User Interface for SAP HCI. Dec. 2014

RKT Workshop on SAP HANA Cloud Integration

We are organizing a RKT workshop for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) in Bangalore on Jan. 7+8, 2015. Visit us and get deep insight on SAP HCI with solution details, use cases and hands-on exercises. Find more information and the registration link in the blog by Piyush GakharDec. 2014

Results of the Global SAP PI survey now available

The results of this year's global PI survey is now published. As every year the International Focus Group for Integration conducted a survey and 362 users from over 20 different user groups participated. Watch Holger Himmelmann's blog to see the first part of the results with the analysis of general questions. Nov. 2014

OData Adapter in SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Sabarish T S provides in his blog an excellent overview on the OData Adapter and OData support with the SuccessFactors Adapter that are offered with SAP HANA Cloud Integration. Dec. 2014 New adapter in SAP Process Integration for consumption and provisioning of REST based services

With the latest SP of SAP Process Orchestration / SAP Process Integration our REST adapter is available. Read Alexander Bundschuh's blog to get more details. Nov. 2014 Impact of Integration changes - How to talk to non-SAP systems

Read this third blog of a series by Owen Pettiford that gives an excellent view on the new world of SAP's solution set supporting process and data integration. He explains how to take the advantages of the long list of capabilities depending on existing integration reqirements and gives rules for futher decisions. Nov. 2014

Watch the SAP TechEd && d-code Replays!

If you've missed the integration sessions @ TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas, October 20-24 take now the opportunity to watch the replays and receive the newest highlights of our SAP Process Orchestration / SAP Process Integration and HANA Cloud Integration. Nov.2014

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