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Are you an SAP PI consultant? Have you ever thought what will happen when one day you search about "SAP PI Consultant" role on Google and Google says this? :-/




Don't worry, this won't happen anytime soon (or I should say, ever). However, it is time we move ahead with our learning graphs. Holding SAP PI skills alone (may be with ABAP/Java) won't suffice now. So, what should we do now? This too was answered by Google, to some extent:



1. Make sure all words are spelled correctly: Well, we know the words are correct!

Who else would be surer about it than a PI consultant?

2. Try different keywords: What do you mean? Like SAP "!PI" Consultant?

Hmmm, you always have option to move to other technologies. But for people like me who love the Integration domain, this is not the preferred option. It is always good to get your hands on different skills/areas, but in spite of being jack of all, you should be master of at least one.

3. Try more general keywords: Bingo!

Now that's an intelligent suggestion which shows where SAP is moving. Thousands of customers use SAP PI as their Integration solution. Due to rapidly changing business needs, these customers are stressed to upgrade their landscape to a more flexible and powerful platform. With IT striving to address Business needs for an improved management of their business processes, it was critical for SAP to come up with an integrated solution providing a "Business Process Solution-for-all". SAP therefore came up with SAP Process Orchestration clubbing the three crucial products to cater these needs:

  • SAP Process Integration
  • SAP Business Process Management
  • SAP Business Rules Management

I won't get into details of these three components as "Search SCN" should be enough to know more about them. :D If you are already an expert of one, start planning an upgrade to other two skills as well. The best place to learn about Process Orchestration would definitely be this wiki.

 As a bundle, in future SAP Process Orchestration would be the "more general keyword" used for SAP PI or SAP BPM or SAP BRM consultants. As the name suggests, we are moving towards a more Process-centric approach. Business can now design and model business processes using BPM and BRM tools and IT can seamlessly consume the models and execute it with PI. A very important aspect of this structure would be that these business processes could be SAP or non-SAP application based. Although, these three products can work independently, the group as a whole when used appropriately will considerably reduce the Business to IT transition complexities and thereby reduce the implementation effort.

4. Try fewer keywords: Like only "SAP"?

No, we don't want that. That would be far too generic and it would be then too difficult to identify yourself in SAP universe.


As someone said, "the only Constant is Change". We have to update and upgrade our skills to adapt to the rapidly changing customer needs. Your existing knowledge with PI, BPM or BRM won’t be obsolete with the new Process Orchestration. Rather it would be useful to better understand the bundle as a whole and the how one product when used in conjunction with others provides improved process-centric solution to customers.



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