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Note (27 Aug 2014) : Good to see that SAP is listening and coming up with so many new enhancements . One of the most common requirement of Message Mapping documentation has been taken care. You can use the feature to export message mappings into Excel sheet with PI >=7.31 SP12/7.4 SP07. For details, please check Exporting Mapping Details as Spreadsheet and What's new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP12 / 7.4 SP07 .

Are you finding it difficult to document complex PI mappings? Do you think the effort involved in documenting mappings is more than the development efforts? If yes, there are some good tools available already like The easy PI message mapping documentation service and SAP PI : Mapping Documenter that generates documentation.  From now on, we have one more tool MappingMaster


MappingMaster is an Excel based application that helps generating mapping documentation easily.

Here are some key features that make it special:

1. No need to download xim/tpz/metadata for mapping from IR/ESR.

2. Select mapping with top to down filter with swc, namespace and multiplicity.

3. Local and function library udf can be easily identified with different color.

4. Local udf list is also provided along with code.


Generated Mapping Documentation


You are just 4 steps away. Want to try, here you go!

1. Open MappingMaster and enable macro.

2. Press alt + F11 > Tools > References and select the required library > click OK > close the window.


3. Click MappingMaster button or press ctrl + alt + M > fill up the details > press Login button.

4. Select the swc, namespace and mapping > click Generate Documentation button.


I am sure it will be helpful to you and would save a lot of time while documention.



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