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PI is one of the few spaces where on an average we get responses to the Discussions within few hours. Thanks for your continuous participation and contributions to PI space.

With the quantity of content we receive in PI space, we need to ensure that we are not compromising on the quality of content. Although there are Rules of Engagement that everyone should strictly follow, there have been many instances of negligence which should be avoided. Here are some guidelines which will help us improve the content in PI space and therefore should be followed:

  1. Understand the difference between Discussion and Document/Blog. If you have a question, start a Discussion and Not a Document/Blog. Those who understand this should make sure that if you find any Document/Blog which should ideally be a Discussion, DO NOT REPLY to such Documents/Blogs. Instead "Report Abuse" for such content.
  2. Read again theRules of Engagement. The first point itself talks about search before posting a Discussion. Before opening a Discussion, try SCN search at top right. If you don't find relevant material, post a Discussion. Others, if you think that searching would not be very easy, posting a link in your comment would be appropriate. Or if a link in addition to your comments makes the answer more complete, providing a link is a good option. However, if you think that you are ONLY providing "LINKS" and it can be searched easily, ask the user to Search instead of spoon feeding them with basic links. This should be at your discretion.
  3. Stop the "ME TOO" answers. If a Discussion already has 1 or 2 replies, read them first. If the original poster is still not sure about the answers and you have some different inputs, you should post it. However, if you don't have anything to add, DON'T reply with the same answers just in your own words. This is lame way of gaining points and should be avoided. The new SCN platform gives us a brand new opportunity to agree with the previous speakers, which is: "liking" their posts. This is a great way of promoting really valuable contributions, and the contributors themselves.
  4. Another often neglected point is the use of unprofessional language. Try to avoid "U" instead of "You", "b" instead of "be" and all similar instances. This is a professional forum and professional communication is expected everywhere.
  5. The "Like" option in the Actions category is a good way to "Thank" a fellow contributor for his/her comment or document or discussion. Use it appropriately for quality content.
  6. Anyone can post a Document or Blog without pre-approval from Moderators. However, this option should be used wisely and if you think that any content posted does not qualify as a blog and should be a wiki instead, mark again the Document with "Abuse Report". This moderation by exception will help       provide more opportunity to bloggers to share their views to larger audience.
  7. When you open any "Discussion", there is a check box for marking a thread as a Question. If you are asking a question in the Discussion, keep the         checkbox marked.
  8. If you see any of the Rules of Engagement broken by any contributor, just mark that comment with "Report Abuse" and Moderators can act on it.

Your help for improving the quality of content is and will be highly appreciated. Thank you.



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