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I am sharing with the community, the integration approach used to integrate ECC with a learning portal or educational soft wares.
Industry Relevance: Higher Education and Research.


When a student is admitted to a course in the system, the same data needs to be pushed to the External learning Managements system.

Learning Systems are the e learning portal for students which provide the learning content, hence requires the student registration details.

Following are list of activities that happen

  1. Initial Admission/Registration
  2. Admission Approval
  3. Changes in the program student have enrolled for.
  4. Re Registration.


On the ECC side, we can use the content IS-PS-CA. This content provides standard service interfaces that are used to integrate with learning portals at various steps of student registration. 



Activate the required function modules on the ECC side and you could use the following Enterprise Services:


Under the namespace following services can be used:

a. StudyRegistrationCreateNotification_Out 

b. StudyDeregistrationCreateNotification_Out

c. StudyAdmissionCreateNotification_Out

d. StudySpecializationBookingCreateNotification_Out

e. StudentFeeCalculationNotification_Out

f. StudentPerformanceIndexCreateNotification_Out


Under the namespace following services can be used:

a. LearningActivityCreatedNotification_Out

b. LearningRegistrationCreatedNotification_Out


Most of the third party learning portal support ROA (Restful) or SOA architecture. Hence on the Receiver side you could use Soap adapter for Web Services and Http Adapter for REST ful API's.




ES Workplace link for integrating with LMS:


Hope this blog helps in providing inputs for a unique integration requirements of integrating with learning portals.



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