SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 Customer Highlight


In my previous blog [link] I shared my #SAPPHIRENOW 2013 takeaways for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.



This blog is dedicated to the AmerisourceBergen customer session, presented by Milt Simonds, Director of SAP Basis and Infrastructure.



AmerisourceBergen Corporation is a Fortune 30 company and one of the world's largest pharmaceutical services companies. In 2009 they started looking at ways to replace old legacy systems and enable company’s growth. At the same time they had to manage extremely high volumes from a distribution perspective, enable customer facing platform, manage aggressive response time and availability requirements. Looking at the best solution to address all these challenges, they found the only choice for them is to go with SAP.



AmerisourceBergen started using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, along with SAP portal and identity management solutions to manage, integrates and run its complex distribution processes. Performance-wise SAP NetWeaver PI is really critical for their landscape and currently helps manage 392 interfaces, both SAP and non-SAP.


Watch Milt Simonds’ entire presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 to find out how exactly Process Orchestration technologies from SAP are supporting their business' high demands for a high-volume, secure, and adaptable business processes in order to provide differentiating services to their clients. Milt also shares short-term and long-tem plans for adopting more components from the SAP NetWeaver platform – BPM, BRM, Landscape Virtualization Management and SAP HANA.



Also watch AmerisourceBergen on SAP Technology’s YouTube channel to hear what they have to say to all those looking at implementing SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.


For everyone interested, and especially for those who could not join us in Orlando, we have launched a new webcast series: Join us for the 2013 SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Webcast Series. Recordings will be available for everyone who registers until the end of 2013.


We look forward to meeting you on our webinars!

I had the opportunity to attend another Sapphire this year and it was a good one. For this and many other purposes, I wanted to bring in some perspective on what was experienced on these 3 intense days around NetWeaver Process Orchestration. To start off, it was an intense week where we had the possibility to show, talk and brainstorm on Process Orchestration solution as SAP’s standard middleware solution, but more importantly to validate our current offering and direction with existing customers, partners and prospects.


Our customer testimonials


I will start with the 2 amazing sessions from 2 SAP customers: John Cuomo from Bank of America and Milt Simonds from AmerisourceBergen. They both showed how different industries (banking and pharmaceuticals accordingly) can apply SAP's Middleware technology to different scenarios and bring return and value from these investments to their organizations in mission critical business processes. I will not spoil their thunder and let you see their sessions for yourselves. Watching their replays is worth your time guaranteed.


Our presence in the D&T Campus


As proud as we were with our guest speakers, we also had tremendous traffic and traction on the different floor presence stages. From the mini theater demo stations where we could demonstrate Process Orchestration in action in 20 minutes slots to our booth and discussion table, they all brought terrific benefits for all parties. I am still surprised by the amount of organizations that have not yet explored the extensive benefits of using a standards model driven middleware platform to simplify their landscape complexity and bring greater agility to their organizations. I really enjoyed explaining the breath of our solution across its different levels of abstractions from our SOA based services implemented with NetWeaver PI, extending these capabilities with NW BPM and NW BRM and topping it off with our B2B Add-On for Process Orchestration providing a full round and sounds unified stack to create large and complex value chain business processes demanded in today’s world. Our direction on a single unified stack was well received and it is a direction we will continue to support moving forward. NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31 is already getting widely used and we have seen a significant traction to start migrating to this version.


The new kid on the block: SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by HANA


As you can imagine and expect, SAP customers, partners and prospects come to Sapphire to learn about not only the current state of the art, but also to track and validate trends and how the solutions they invest on are moving forward. This year, we introduced a new HANA based solution called SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by HANA. This solution is a natural extension to NetWeaver Process Orchestration and it provides a greater degree of process visibility into real executable processes spawning multiple backend systems of record including NW BPM, NW PI and Business Suite. Very shortly we will support third party applications as well. This addresses a very specific and critical pain point where business stakeholders need a simplified and real-time perspective on their critical business processes. The ability for Operational Process Intelligence to create a phase value chain diagram with SLAs and state of the art dashboards stole the attention of every person walking our area. People could easily relate to the immediate value and validated this for us. We are expecting it to go out of Ramp-Up very shortly and get used extensively on our customer base for obvious reasons. We would be more than happy to provide more details if you did not have a chance to see it. We even have a HANA Experience presence that may facilitate understanding this solution in more detail.


In summary


I really enjoyed Sapphire this year. From my humble perspective, it was much better than last year. Not only we experience excellent traction for Process Orchestration, but the overall Technology message could be communicated more cohesively than years before. Part may be attributed to the internal efforts of better integration and experiences but a big factor should be attributed to listening and delivering on what customers want based on their feedback. SAP is putting their act together and this could be sense in the openness of our executives when engaging in public sessions with large audiences. This is a trend that is hard to ignore and something very promising to all SAP customers and soon to be!


For everyone interested to explore Process Orchestration technologies from SAP, and especially for those who could not join us in Orlando, we have launched a new webcast series. Lear more from this blog: Join us for the 2013 SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Webcast Series.


We look forward to meeting you on our webinars!

It is that time of the year when you start looking back to your accomplishments and set the goals for the year coming ahead. You do it with personal life (hope so ;)) and also on the business side as well.


I cannot help but feel very happy with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration performance during 2012. Not only it has established itself as a recognized brand for SAP on the middleware space providing more to our customers in the end, but it has continued to grow at double digit pace for year another year. This is a testament to the value our solution brings to our Customers' day in an out, and gives us the energy internally to push for more.


This is why during 2012, we launched 3 new solutions to market:


These solutions not only help strengthen our portfolio from a completeness perspective, but they also address what our customers have been asking us over time.


If you are interested in joining any of the RampUp processes post a comment in this blog or send me a message.


As we look forward into 2013, we renew our vows to keep delivering. Our adoption is stronger than ever and it is our goal to continue to grow this business hand in hand with our community.


Thank you for your support and we hope for an even better 2013 together!

The SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Solution Management and Product Management team would like to let our Process Orchestration community know that the Solution Roadmap for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration is now available on Service Marketplace.


In addition, you should be able to find more detailed technical Product Roadmap specifics for NetWeaver Business Process Management, NetWeaver Business Rules Management and NetWeaver Process Integration as well. Both roadmaps can be found on the Database & Technology section.


This information can be accessed by SAP employees, customers and partners granted they have access to Service Marketplace.


We are very excited to share these roadmaps publicly with our community to increase transparency. This not only allows communication where the solution is going forward but it would also allow current solution users to better align and plan forward.


Do not hesitate to contact us with questions if needed.

In this blog, I wanted to share a general purpose demo recording I created to show case how the combination of different SAP solutions including SAP NetWeaver  BPM/Composition Environment (CE), SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (BRM) and integration with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) can bring more value when used together.

The demo is centered around the situation of helping a utilities company to create their own and specific business process to promote the usage of Smart Meter devices on their customer base to gain insight and do better energy administration. On the customer side, there is a change to better understand how they consume energy and take advantage of new programs where it is possible to save on their monthly bill using energy in non peak hour times.

Take a look at the demo recording through this link ( and experience how all the solutions mentioned before can be used to make a difference in creating process centric applications that are flexible for change and capitalize on the model driven nature tooling to produce these in a much shorter timeframe when compared to other more development centric approaches.

Enjoy !


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