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Official SAP public sector industry Community Network homepage. Find SAP for Public Sector (Government) user resources including best practices, presentations, blogs, forums, videos, elearning, wikis, trainings, how-to, processes, and more information relevant for implementation & operation.

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Cloud Computing: Myths and Misperceptions

By understanding the myths and misperceptions of cloud computing, public sector organizations are in a better position to reap the benefits of greater agility, flexibility, and usage based fees.

17 January 2015


Powering Youth Employment in Asia

What happens when education does not match workplace needs? Can technology help address the gaps and if so, how? Vivek Puthucode shares his perspectives from Asia.

16 December 2014


Hackathons and Open Data: Coding for the Public Good

Increasingly, public sector organizations are harnessing citizens' brainpower to create beautiful applications via hackathons. The wide open frontier of open data and citizen engagement helps transform government - and produces cool apps. What do hackathons need to succeed?  Which cool apps have been created via hackathons? Learn more in this engaging blog post by Michele Hovet.

12 December 2014


Real-Time Situational Awareness

Crime in the physical world and cyberspace threatens citizens, businesses, and nations. What can governments do to protect citizens? Find out how governments can use new technologies to address crimes and threats.

9 December 2014

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