When you start looking for a flexible software solution, you might not want to boil the ocean but simply address your most urgent business needs – as a first step. And limit your risk of course. And maximize speed. And lower your TCO? Sure. No problem. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help deliver what you need.


Work with SAP or a qualified partner , and you get preconfigured software, content, end user enablement, and implementation services, all in one package. Flexible deployment options – on-premise, private or public cloud, or a combination – make it easy to implement innovations for mobile, in-memory computing, analytics, and more. And our broad portfolio of solutions address a wide range of line-of-business and industry needs, so you get the ease of a packaged solution with the combination of implementation, hardware, hosting, and financing options that are right for you. To learn more about our available rapid-deployment solutions, click here.



Also, did you know that you have the choice of a Cloud-based Quick Start with SAP rapid-deployment solutions? For more info, check out this blog ‘The Best of Both Worlds with the Customizable Cloud’.







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With software implementations, your company has to balance a range of factors. You need integrated solutions that address urgent business needs. Minimal disruption. Limited risk. Rapid time to value. And you need it all now.


Impossible? Too good to be true? Not when you choose SAP Rapid Deployment solutions (click to view all of the available solutions).


These packaged and integrated solutions include what you need to get up and running quickly and extend into the future. By bringing together preconfigured software, content, and end user enablement with clearly priced and scoped implementation services, SAP makes solution adoption simple. Reach your goals one step at a time by choosing from our wide array of modular, yet integrated solutions. And as your business evolves, rapid-deployment solutions support the innovative new capabilities you need to stay ahead.


Check out this overview video on rapid-deployment solutions:



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You know what you need to make your business successful. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also know each solution’s costs, timelines, and scope before you signed on the dotted line?


Now you can. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are designed to make software planning simple and predictable. You get exactly the technology you need to address immediate business needs – and you know how much it will cost and when you’ll get it.


The concept is simple: SAP packages preconfigured software, content, and end user enablement with clearly priced and scoped implementation services. You also get best practices, templates, and tools that help ensure results – in weeks, not months. So you can run better than ever, faster than ever.


For more information, and to find a rapid-deployment solution for your business, click here.




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SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando is over – and I’ve heard it was yet another stellar event. Sure, you might want to argue I have to say this, since it was my company’s event . However, when looking at the great rapid-deployment solution session recordings available online, I really get excited about this, even without having been there. So, whether you haven’t had the chance to attend this year’s event in person, or if you simply missed out on this session, I would like to encourage you to tune in and view the replay of the rapid-deployment solutions broadcast studio session “minimizing risk and maximizing value with rapid-deployment solutions”.


What I really liked about the session was the style – not your typical 60 min event presentation, but a 20 min short, quite entertaining and easy to follow, casual interview style. This is very refreshing, especially since it’s sometimes tough to keep yourself from multitasking when listening to a replay.


And then there was great insight from our customers Doreen Kendo, Managing Director of Operation Support for Westinghouse, as well as Mike Elmore, CIO of Ace Hardware. Both did a fantastic job explaining key benefits and challenges of their companies during the selection and implementation process of their rapid-deployment solutions – there is nothing more insightful than hearing success stories directly from our customers. And because at the end of the day, you really want to get good information and learning’s out of a session, I can tell you this is time well spent.


What came out loud and clear during this session was to avoid the typical urge or demand for customization. Customize where absolutely necessary to keep your competitive edge, but since rapid-deployment solutions include best practices and defined business processes, it really comes down to managing expectations and process changes with the users. Mike Elmore really summarized it well when saying “I want a coffee cup for a dollar” and not all the bells and whistles that can be done but are mostly not even necessary.


So pour yourself a nice cup of coffee (don’t be shy to make it a fancy one), and listen to this insightful replay to learn more how SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help your company grow – one business process at a time!


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