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I asked myself this yesterday.  Earlier in the week I was reminded about the site Improvement Finder


What is this site?  Greg Capps explains it here Customer Connection – The Ideas are coming to a note near you! I first heard of it a while ago from SAP Mentor Gregor Wolf


Then while discussing the site with a co-worker this week, she reminded me yesterday that there are some things we can use today in our existing system.  For sure for SAP for Utilities customers, there are some:



Click Next



In my case, I selected Utilities and SAP ERP (we are not using CRM with Utilities)



22 search results came back.


For us, we immediately discovered we could use these notes:





Some of these issues we just accepted, and some of them we had work arounds.  But why didn't I think of using this before?


Where did these come from?  Many of them came from the Customer Connection program, which is started by User Groups.


What about BI?  Go here:


Most of these are related to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, resulting from the Web Intelligence Customer Connection, which was last year.  Many of the enhancements came with BI4.1 SP2.  See Customer Connection Improvements in BI4.1 Based on User Group Input


What's in the future?  See Innovation Discovery from ASUG Webcast – Important Information to Know as next year it is planned to have the Innovation Discovery tool to replace the Improvement Finder.


Also learn more about the customer connection program at SAP TechEd && d-code where ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor Susan Keohan starts a Customer Connection program for Workflow Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Sue Keohan - Customer Connection for Workflow


So these are things you can start using today.  Check out Improvement Finder



Continuing our meet the ASUG SAP TechEd d-code speaker series, I am pleased to introduce ASUG Volunteer and SAP Mentor Susan Keohan who pictured in the above right and below with Jocelyn Dart (source of picture is from saphana.com)



She is presenting INT 207 Customer Connection for Workflow and How You Can Benefit - the abstract from the site is listed below:

An SAP Customer Connection will be started for SAP Business Workflow. This is one way in which real SAP customers can make the products better. We will explore some ideas that have been proposed – for example, have you ever been frustrated that there is no log of a substitute that has taken over a work item? Come learn how you can participate and benefit!


I asked Sue about more details and she explained the following and why you should attend this session:

In the Fall of 2014, SAP will open a topic in the SAP Customer Connection Program for SAP Workflow. An Influence activity, such as a Customer Connection, is just one way in which real live SAP Customers can help make the products better.  The purpose of this influence activity is to improve the functionality via support packs or support notes. We will explore some ideas that have been proposed, as well as discuss how interested parties can get involved.  For example, have you ever been frustrated that there is no log of a substitute that has taken over a workitem?  Or perhaps wished that a workflow administrative report presented more meaningful information?  Come to this session to learn how you can participate in this Influence Activity!


Sue is a community advocate for Workflow, as shown in this TechEd video from 2012:


In the above video with Karin Tillotson she is discussing SAP Certification for Workflow.


Sue is also co-author of SAP Workflow for SAP, 2nd Edition and has a new edition available for pre-order now.  This is the must-have for anyone using Workflow.


More about Sue:


Sue is behind Your mission, should you decide to accept it...- an amazing community effort, to say the least.


Some of her more memorable SCN blogs (in my opinion) - if you haven't read them, go read them now:


Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight...

Public Speaking? Oh please, not for me!

How to attend a Webcast


You can learn more about Sue at her BIF here Blog it Forward - Sue Keohan - Sue is a member of the BIF Council


So add INT 207 Customer Connection for Workflow and How You Can Benefit to your agenda today!


NEW hashtag for SAP TechEd && d-code is #SAPtd




Join ASUG at SAP TechEd && d-code

Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center

ASUG SAP d-code Las Vegas sessions are now published - for a complete listing please see here

Save the date Monday, October 20th for ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Pre-conference Day


Meet ASUG SAP d-code Speaker Charles Reeves - Implementing Enterprise Master Data Management

ASUG SAP d-code SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA Speaker - Introducing Pawel Mierski

ASUG SAP d-code Sessions Are Published - Featuring SAP Mentors

Journey to Mobile BI - Meet ASUG SAP d-code Speaker Peter Chen

Did you know?

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Kumar Chidambaram - Holistic BI BW on HANA Approach

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Heiko Zuerker - Solution Manager

Meet ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Girish Manmadkar - SAP HANA on VMWare Best Practices

Newell Rubbermaid Mobile Story to Improve Sales - ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Speaker Mohammed Siddiqui





ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Las Vegas sessions are now published - for a complete listing please see here


The ASUG SAP d-code Design Committee includes ASUG Volunteers Kristen Dennis and Gretchen Lindquist who is also a SAP Mentor


The SAP point of contact/advisor to the committee is SAP Mentor Peter McNulty


The ASUG SAP d-code Design Committee is exciting to include customer stories from Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo, Lockheed Martin and more covering a wide range of technologies.


Below is a list of ASUG sessions featuring SAP Mentors:

Session IDTitleSAP Mentor
EA117End Analysis Paralysis with the ASUG Analysis Influence CouncilJoyce Buter
INT207Customer Connection for SAP Workflow – And How You Can BenefitSue Keohan
INT208Experiences with SAP CRM and On-Premise SAP Process OrchestrationDaniel Graversen
SEC107SAP Access Control – On-Going Management and Lessons LearnedGreg Capps
SEC201Implementing LDAP Within SAP Access ControlGreg Capps
UXP111SAPUI5 Face-to-FaceGraham Robinson
UXP208Designing Consumer-Grade Applications in the Enterprise SpacePaul Aschmann
UXP301Beyond SAP Fiori's 1:1:3 Principle – Building Large Enterprise Apps with SAPUI5John Patterson


NEW - Joyce Butler is also leading ASUG Design Studio Council session EA210


SAP d-code is a superset of SAP TechEd and contains more:



Source: SAP


SeeAnnouncing ASUG SAP TechEd d-code Pre-Conference Sessions where SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort is presenting BI4.1 with BW on HANA hands-on session at ASUG Preconference Seminars | SAP TechEd d-code Las Vegas


You can see by the above that registration is now open at http://www.sapdcode.com/2014/usa/home.htm


Full conference pass information is here



If you can't attend the whole conference this year SAP is offering floor passes at http://sapdcode.com/2014/usa/registrationHotel/pass_details.htm


"Run Simple" with SAP and consider attending an ASUG SAP TechEd pre-conference today.


Join ASUG in October

This is a brief recap of today's SAP Mentor Monday webcast.  A replay is available here https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p1gtodvdt7f/



Figure 1


June 2nd ASUG sponsored pre-conference sessions.  The BI4.1 BW on HANA pre-conference was sold-out with SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort.  That same day, Ingo also announced the ERP/CRM trials on SCN


See Intersted in FIORI ? See it in Action ...... NEW TRIAL - SAP CRM on SAP HANA NEW TRIAL - SAP ERP on SAP HANA



Figure 2


Figure 2 is a picture of the ASUG pre-con with Ingo.  Attendee feedback was positive.


Don't forget, Monday, October 20th is ASUG pre-conference day at SAP TechEd && d-code , so save the date.



Figure 3: Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows a popular slide during the pre-con, the BICS/BEx query connectivity with SAP Lumira which went GA this past weekend.  See Lumira Desktop 1.17 - A First Look at BEx Query


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Figure 4 shows how to expand your BI footprint.  If you are a BW user, SAP recommends starting with the Analysis Suite, don't start with Predictive Analysis first.


Figure 5: Source: @ASUG_Canada


Figure 5 shows an overcrowded ASUG session at ASUG Annual Conference.  This is the BI roadmap session which had to be repeated.  Similarly, the HANA Roadmap ASUG session was repeated 3 times.


Figure 6: Source: Animal Health


Figure 6 shows a great ASUG session discussing how to make the business case for HANA.  See Selling SAP HANA to the C-Level - Animal Health Shares at ASUG Annual Conference


Figure 7: ASUG SCM


Figure 7 shows ASUG Influence Councils.  ASUG Annual Conference provides an opportunity for councils to meet, and recruit new members.  While attendance is lighter at these sessions, we've seen an increase in individuals wanting to join existing Influence councils.  See Power of ASUG Influence : How ASUG members Influenced SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Solution by Srikanth R Rao K


Figure 8: Source: SAP


Figure 8 shows a continuation of what we first heard last year - more BI clients are becoming native to the HANA Platform.


Figure 9: Source: SAP


A week before conference SAP's Steve Lucas said we would see a simplification of the BI portfolio.  Figure 9 shows this.  For more information see http://www.asug.com/discussions/docs/DOC-37897


ASUG presentations can be found here: bit.ly/2014ACPresentations


Figure 10: Source: SAP


Presentation is at http://www.asug.com/discussions/docs/DOC-38005


Figure 10 is a brief explanation of what we saw in the keynote regarding simplify finance.  For more details see Gaining an understanding of simplification – Finance, BI – SAPPHIRENOW ASUG Annual Conference



Figure 11: Source: ASUG


ASUG has 100 hours of education content at SAP d-code Las Vegas.  Customers and partners will share their best practices and stories.  Monday October 20 is ASUG pre-conference day.   SAP Mentor/ASUG Volunteer Gretchen Lindquist along with ASUG Volunteer Kristen Dennis are on the ASUG Design Committee.



Registration is now open at http://www.sapdcode.com/2014/usa/home.htm




Figure 12: Source: SAP


SAP d-code is a superset of TechEd; all the familiar things of TechEd will be available but additionally as shown in Figure 12 there will be code reviews and mini code jams for developers.


If you can't attend the whole conference this year SAP is offering floor passes at http://sapdcode.com/2014/usa/registrationHotel/pass_details.htm


Figure 13


SAP's Moya Watson worked with Thorsten Franz to provide community sessions at SAP d-code.  The idea was to take the best speakers from SAP Inside Track


Figure 13 highlights some SAP Inside Track speakers presenting at SAP d-code Las Vegas.


Figure 14: Source: ASUG


Registration is open for the ASUG SAP Analytics BusinessObjects Conference in Fort Worth.  Call for sessions is still open through this Thursday.




Figure 15: Source: Eventful


Registration is open for the SAP for Utilities Conference in September.  SAP Mentors presenting include SAP's Ingo Hilgefort.


Eventful produces the event in collaboration with ASUG and SAP.  It is the SAP for Utilities event of the year in North America.


Did I miss anything?



My take-aways and verdicts on #ASUG2014 and #SAPPHIRENow

Gretchen Lindquist also spoke about the value of community sessions at ASUG Annual Conference.


For logon details see SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2014 Review -SAP Mentor Monday Webinar


Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Who: You

Where: SAP Connect Session https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/sapmm  +1-866-312-7353 Participant Passcode: 170 133 7730#

SAP Mentor Monday Dial-In Info


What: SAP Mentor Monday Webinar



ASUG Annual Conference


Source: ASUG


Which sessions were popular?  What is behind this tweet?


Yes, at an ASUG session we had the data modeler from the winning Obama 2012 campaign discuss how they used SAP software to determine what campaign strategies worked.


Picture: @ASUG_Canada


Which sessions were overcrowded?  Find out tomorrow on the Mentor Monday wrap-up


ASUG at SAP d-code


ASUG has 100 hours of content at SAP d-code Las Vegas.


You can register today at Registration | SAP d-code Las Vegas


Some sessions (not ASUG) were selected from SAP Inside Track.  Which ones?  Find out tomorrow.  Follow the @SAPInsideTrack twitter handle.


ASUG also has call for presentations for the SAP Analytics BusinessObjects Conference in September - presentations are being accepted through June 19th - see http://www.asugonline.com/asug-sap-businessobjects-user-conference/


Also SAP Mentors received a SAP Certification Update at SAPPHIRENOW  - learn more tomorrow.


World Cup


Picture by Jerome Feltracco


Why is the France Soccer team wearing SAP Mentor shirts?


Join us tomorrow




I hope you join us this Monday, May 19th for the Public SAP Mentor Monday Webcast.


Date: May 19

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Who: YOU and Mark Finnern and SAP Mentors

Where: SAP Mentor Monday Dial-in info


Here is the list of Public SAP Mentor Monday Webinars


Here is what is on the Agenda:

ASUG Annual Conference




Call for ASUG Sessions at SAP d-code


Have you submitted your abstract yet?  Do you have questions?  Bring them on Monday and ask in person.

Just one week left - the deadline to submit is May 25th

Don't Forget to Submit your ASUG SAP d-code Session


From SAP:

What is SAP d-code

For nearly two decades, we have delivered world-class technology training and education to customers, partners, consultants, and employees through the SAP TechEd conference series.


In 2014, the SAP TechEd name will be retired and the conference will evolve into an exciting new program called SAP d-code, which will address education, collaboration, and networking for the entire SAP ecosystem of developers and technology professionals, incorporating the best elements of SAP TechEd.


SAP d-code Proposal Submission

Submit your session proposal at http://bit.ly/1gNvRtB

Deadline to submit proposals is Sunday, May 25


Each track owners has already developed a “track story plan” which has been approved by the SAP d-code executive steering committee. They will use their “track story plan” to select appropriate sessions. Proposals that do not align with the pre-approved “track story plan” will not be considered.



Don't forget to submit -  submit your session proposal at here



Mark will discuss the SAPPHIRENOW agenda




Join SAP Mentors on June 2nd and immerse yourself with hands-on training sessions Application Development Based on ABAP and SAP HANA or SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BW, and SAP BW on HANA - All in One Day.  These two ASUG pre-conference sessions were selected by ASUG volunteers, featuring ABAP for SAP HANA, SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse and Business Intelligence.


You can register today thomas.pngfor either of these sessions.


SAP Mentors Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung are presenting Application Development Based on ABAP and SAP HANA.  Both Thomas and Rich are well-know SAP experts.  I wouldn't recommend something I haven't personally attended myself either.  I was fortunate to attend one of the first HANA Codejams given by both Thomas and Rich.  It was a fantastic experience for me, with Rich sensing when I needed his help (without raising my hand either).  I learned a great deal from both of them, especially from their best selling SAP Press books too.


Rich talks more about his session ASUG Pre-Conference Full Day Hands-On Workshop - Application Development Based on ABAP and SAP HANA



SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BW, and SAP BW on HANA - All in One Day

ingo.pngJoin SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort and ASUG BI Volunteers for this pre-conference session.  The abstract states the following:

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.1 is the latest suite release from SAP and offers a broad set of BI tools to choose from. Each tool has its own special focus in the area of reporting and analytics. This full-day, hands-on seminar is a series of activities focused on SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 products in combination with SAP BW, BW on HANA, and SAP ERP. Attendees will learn to use the different products from the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite 4.1 in combination with SAP data.

I have attended Ingo's sessions in the past and he works very hard to provide the latest materials for you to take home.  It is also a great opportunity to ask questions.

For more information see Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever

Photo of Ingo by SAP TechEd photographer

Register today

In the past these sessions have sold out so I recommend signing up today.  I have attended other pre-conference sessions before and none of them has the high quality and breadth that Ingo, Thomas or Rich brings. 

After logging on to your registration, select one of these hands-on sessions:

hands-on sessions.png

See you next month.


SAP Mentor Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference - Work in Process


Today SAP's Susan Martin and SAP Mentor Tom Cenens gave an update of SAP Certification. Save the Date: April 28 SAP Mentor Monday SAP Certification Update


Figure 1: Source: SAP


Figure 1 is the agenda


Certified community survey came from Jon Reed


Figure 2: Source: SAP


Credential manager came from the community, driven by the Mentors


SAP saw a need for more community benefits, more self-service scenarios, and registry capability


SAP community said it was difficult to verify someone’s qualification/certification


SAP tried 4 years ago to develop a tool; reinventing the wheel


SAP tried to get it integrated into SCN business card; delayed by Jive migration


SAP decided to go to an external platform – Pearson Credential Manager


SAP wants to ensure benefits that it is certified – “where’s my certificate, where’s my logo, can I put it on my business card, can I carry over?”


In the past this was very much driven by SAP education in their region


SAP wants to offer a more simplified way now for the certified individual


Figure 3: Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows that the Credential Manager launched in October and started with English-speaking countries for the sake of simplicity


Now have 6,000 members


A question was asked whether you can add to Linked In profile – you cannot at the moment, something they would like to do


In February they published the consultant registry


They can opt in separately to Credential Manager


SAP expects at end of 2014 40-70K credential manager members


SAP is expecting 5K people in the registry list


Reason for 70K is primarily data cleansing



Figure 4: Source: SAP


As an example, for HANA certification, you  get an e-mail, receive a logon to credential manager.  You get a personalized page, which certifications you have, you edit information, and at the bottom decide whether to show the data in public registry


Figure 5: Source: SAP


Request a support at the bottom – to ascertain what sort of issues people have


Figure 6: Source: SAP


For credential manager, see below:



You can search for those certified individuals who opted to be included in the registry:




Figure 7: Source: SAP


Figure 7 shows updates regarding global partners


Wave 2 is to show global listing of certified resources by 5 markets


In the future they will create regional listings


Figure 8: Source: SAP


Figure 8 shows crowdsourcing certification questionnaire.  Sue said they developed with CEIC


This started in July of last year, initially for HANA exams


SAP wants to increase the question pool


SAP looks at make sure questions do not get exposed


They want to keep refreshing exam questions and need huge question pools


SAP needs help in terms of getting exam questions


Some people have reached bronze, which gives you a free voucher.  See Rewards Program: SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions


See SAP Crowdsourced Certification Initiative: “Rules for Success” Video Series for video tutorials, rewards programs, different levels


Figure 9: Source: SAP


SAP is in the process of finalizing; going out in a few weeks


SAP wants to find out what did it do for your career, what should it give you for your career, compared to other certification programs


SAP will have results by mid-year


It will cover program quality, organizational culture – are you getting certified because your boss, does it help your self-esteem?


Figure 10: Source: SAP


SuccessFactors and Ariba are working with SAP Certification team


This is planned for the July-August-September timeframe


Looking at certification roles in Q3 for e-learning curricula


Question & Answer/Discussion

Q: When update professional level exams?

A: SAP is reviewing whether professional level should be on a stringent schedule of levels.  It makes sense with associate level as it is tied to training content.  Professional is more about broad picture, knowing your way around it.  The CEIC may discuss.


When SAP updates an exam, from example 7.0 to 7.3, SAP tries to address important features/functions that are specific to the newest release, if it's applicable to an item that should be tested. We also review all 7.0 items for compliance to 7.3 release, for example


Tom Cenens gave a live demo of the Learning Hub demo.  Next set of Learning Rooms opens mid-May


Our thanks to Tom, Sue for a great update today.  Additionally thanks toRob Phillips Sheri Schaaf for answering questions.


Pictured from the webcast: Ali Samieivafa Susan Martin Mark Finnern Tom Cenens


I hope you join us this Monday, April 21st, for the Public SAP Mentor Monday Webcast.


Date: April 21

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Where: - see attached Outlook calendar appointment

Who: YOU and Luke Marson and SAP Mentors

Where: SAP Mentor Monday Dial-in info


Here is the list of Public SAP Mentor Monday Webinars


Here is what is on the agenda:


Luke will provide a wrap-up of HR 2014 held last month in Orlando.  I wasn't there at HR 2014 but some colleagues attended so I am sure we'll hear more about topics such as SuccessFactors, HR Renewal, and more.  Several SAP HCM Mentors attended and presented at HR2014.  For an early taste of what is coming watch this SAP Insider Video.



Additionally I will give an update on ASUG Annual Conference.  The Agenda Builder is now live.  For an early preview see Want some BI with your ASUG Annual Conference 2014/Sapphire? by Derek Loranca


SAP recently announced the Thursday keynote will include Saturday Night Alums such as Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey.


I will also have a special announcement on Monday - you have to attend to find out more about it.  It will be worthwhile, I promise.


After this it is an open agenda, so I hope you will come and join the conversation.

See you on Monday.

1fig.pngThis week is National Volunteer Week and it started off great when I received some nice gifts from the Fairfax County Library where I volunteer on the weekends.  Someone asked me this week how long I've been volunteering there and I had to think: over four years.


It started with our county library undergoing steep budget cuts.  I complained to my County Supervisor, who was very kind and called me back to discuss.  The Fairfax County Library Director even called me about my complaint.  I gave him some suggestions to increase revenue (having an accountant background of course helps here) which he didn't agree to, but I was still motivated to do something.


Why?  The library had been a place for me to go, study (just like study hall), and full of endless free books.  I decided to volunteer at the library.  There, I underwent a formal interview, reference checks and a test to see how I could sort books.


Today I am fortunate to check in several thousands of books that I don't have time to read.  But the great thing I see is most of the books returned are from the younger generation, and I hope my part helps.





As for becoming a SAP Mentor I am coming up on 4 years.  While being one doesn't officially carry a "Volunteer" title most of what I do as a SAP Mentor is on my own time.  It is hard to believe it has been four years.


It is a diverse group with diverse activities.  I would include some of the Mentor achievements such as Influencing SAP Certification & Education: a SAP Mentor success story byTom Cenens and Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation because as Mentors Tom and I have participated on the Certification & Enablement Influence Council with SAP, SAP User Group Executive Network members, and partners.  I have to hand it to SAP as they have listened to direct feedback on these matters from this council.  Recent feedback on the Learning Hub from the group has been very positive (and I am fan of it myself).  Be sure to join us Save the Date: April 28 SAP Mentor Monday SAP Certification Update to learn more - this is an publicly open webinar.


Additionally I have enjoyed participating in the SAP Inside Tracks:

Third Annual SAP Inside Track Chicago

Second Annual SAP Inside Track New York - I Happen to Like New York

SAP Inside Track Newtown Square - the 4th Year - It's a Wrap





Last, but not least, ASUG.  Out of all my volunteer activities, this is where most of my time is spent. Right now the focus is on ASUG Annual Conference, and part of this blends with SAP Mentors too.  I am excited about two upcoming SAP Mentor Hands-on Pre-conference sessions on June 2nd at ASUG Annual Conference:


ASUG Pre-Conference Full Day Hands-On Workshop - Application Development Based on ABAP and SAP HANA covering ABAP for SAP HANA with SAP Mentors Rich Heilman and Thomas Jung


Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever - SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1, SAP BW, and SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA - All in One Day Hands on Session with SAP Mentor  Ingo Hilgefort


I can personally vouch that Ingo, Rich, and Thomas will sense if you are having a problem during your hands-on sessions - I highly recommend registering for one of them. They are all well-known experts in their field.  The ASUG Volunteer pre-conference committee, along with our SAP Point of Contact Peter McNulty received several sessions and selected these high quality sessions.


Register today


There are other areas where ASUG members and volunteers influence SAP (and to me this is the unique value that ASUG offers):

Through ASUG Influence Councils:

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

Learn how ASUG Members Influenced BusinessObjects Mobile BI Solution

ASUG Mobile BI BusinessObjects Influence Council – How ASUG Members Influenced SAP - Closing the Loop & How to Influence…


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office

How ASUG Members Influenced Analysis Office (and Sneak Preview)

How the ASUG BusinessObjects Analysis Influence Council Influenced SAP - Feedback Report

As ASUG volunteers we actively listen to our community:

Announcing ASUG BI 2013 Community Survey Results - last year this community held a record 109 webcasts - we poll at the end of every webcast, asking for feedback.  This is a tremendous amount of work for our ASUG Volunteers, our SAP Points of Contacts (Ingo Hilgefort, Ina Felsheim) and our great ASUG HQ contact Danny Pancratz.  This is done on our own time as volunteers and our SAP Points of Contact.  I thank them.


Coming soon ASUG will have call for speakers/abstracts for ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas, so I hope you will consider submitting.


I have been an ASUG Volunteer since 2007, and each year I seem to get more and more involved.  I realize many of you are not ASUG Members, and I try to share the ASUG knowledge where I can on SCN.



Date: April 28

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Where: - see attached Outlook calendar appointment

Who: YOU and Susan Martin Tom Cenens Martin Gillet


SAP Mentor Tom Cenens wrote about how he influences SAP Certification Influencing SAP Certification & Education: a SAP Mentor success story - SAP has offered to update everyone in a SAP Mentor webinar on April 28th


One thing I did hear last week is not enough people know HANA and some of the latest SAP tools on the market.  One of the ways to "upskill" is to take a look at what SAP offers in the area of SAP certification and training:



Source: SAP


I am a fan of the Learning Hub and I have learned a great deal from it.  However, in talking to people at BI 2014 last week many were not aware of the FREE discovery edition.  For more information go to training.sap.com


If you are an ASUG Member you can register for this Learning Hub webcast on April 9 with Arnold Pettersen-Jung



Source: SAP Credential Manager


I hope to hear an update about the Credential Manager - learn more at  SAP Global Certification is rolling out SAP Credential Manager




Source: Crowdsourcing Homepage

Also planned is an update about Crowd-sourcing SAP Certification questions  - see Experts Contributing to Crowdsourcing Initiative


So save the Outlook calendar entry attached to your calendar and please join us - see Public SAP Mentor Monday Webinars .

On yesterday's SAP Mentor Monday we covered Learning Hub, next week's BI 2014 and ASUG Annual Conference.


Learning Hub



Figure 1: Source: SAP


15 months ago SAP announced first version of Learning Hub at TechEd Madrid.  They have taken input as to what is needed for an affordable accessible solution


SAP announced in January that they did a technology transition from SAP Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning Solution with new capabilities and can present content for free in the Discovery area.


Anyone can subscribe to the 140 courses at no cost.


SAP responded to SAP Certification Education Influence Council feedback that people want to "learn from SAP before buy"


They are seeing web registrations of 200 per day


Subscription to Learning Hub includes all access, access to JAM layer – learning rooms.  JAM is an asynchronous learning experience


SAP is also launching live access with an individual purchase for a segment of time over a 1-2-3 month period


Students have their own image and practice scope


Figure 2: Source: SAP


The number of subscriptions is at 27K subscriptions and growing.


SAP is looking to refresh the discovery layer - it is not a fixed set of content


Coming soon SAP will offer SuccessFactors titles


Live Access includes 60 images per classroom.  The student decides if they want this image for 20-40-60 hours, time is metered when access image – they can start and stop image to fit calendar – like a prepaid phone


Social Learning Rooms include a structured in a mock concept.  Instructors have a syllabus/scope of training, learning activities, recommendations for live access – new group of individuals – experimenting with facilitation and an asynchronous remote


Please note that Live Access is only in certain countries and not yet launched fully.



Figure 3: Source: SAP


How does openSAP fit to Learning Hub? OpenSAP has a broad charter with bringing strategic topics to a large community


The OpenSAP cope is limited to strategic items to entice a broad number of people.  It is "knowledge transfer for masses", offering a baseline layer of knowledge to a broad audience


Learning Hub is a Social learning hub with a job path, deliberate job


Right side of graphic of Figure 3 is the SAP Jam world – much like openSAP – assignments, when is instructor is available – kept to a smaller size of students, heavy touch to students


Learning hub is to create skilled resources; “one step in a journey” – it is a path


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Figure 4 shows the roadmap (always subject to change).  SAP is looking at the ability to customize content for internal use for the enterprise customer.


They plan to look at crowd sourcing to solicit support from partners and customers


An attendee asked about Learning Hub with SAP University Alliance.  SAP's response: "there is a project underway and soon there will be SAP Learning Hub, student edition."


If you want more information, join ASUG in this April 9th Webcast on Learning hub - Register Today


BI 2014

Next week is BI 2014 in Orlando.  It is colocated with Admin 2014 and HANA 2014.

BI 2014_PowerPoint Slide.jpg


Figure 5: Source: SAP Insider


Which SAP Mentors are presenting?


See below:



Figure 6: Pictured: Ingo Hilgefort, SAP


ASUG Annual Conference

ASUG Annual Conference is June 3-5 in Orlando, FL


SAP Mentors are holding the following pre-conference sessions on June 2nd:



Figure 7


These are hands-on sessions so hopefully you will register today


Learn more at Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever


Acceptances for ASUG education sessions went out this week so we will share more information as the date gets closer.


Figure 8


Coming soon is ASUG Call for Speakers for d-code (formerly TechEd) in Las Vegas, October 20-24.



Next Week:

Public SAP Mentor Monday 24 Mar 2014: UI5 with Andreas Kunz

Tomorrow is not only St. Patrick's Day (or "Snow Patrick's Day" depending on your location) it is also SAP Mentor Monday Webinar day.


Below is a sneak preview:


BI 2014

Next week is the start of BI 2014 which is co-located with Admin 2014 and HANA 2014

BI 2014_PowerPoint Slide.jpg

Source: SAP Insider


We will cover which sessions presented by SAP Mentors


ASUG Annual Conference Pre-Conference Sessions


I encourage you to block on Monday, June 2nd for ASUG Annual Conference Pre-conference day.  Tomorrow we'll discuss pre-conference sessions by SAP Mentors - such as this one Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever


Learning Hub

SAP Mentor Tom Cenens has over 126 likes and 219 bookmarks on this blog Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation


Source: SAP


Find out more about Learning Hub the roadmap for Learning Hub tomorrow.  What is the difference between Open SAP and Learning Hub?  Are you taking advantage of the free courses available to you? Can you access your system image for your course?  Find out tomorrow.


Dial in details are below at this link.  No pre-registration is required.

SAP Mentor Monday Monthly Public Webinar - March 17th


Link to the Replay https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/p4wvx9bn7eg/

Date: Monday, September 16

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Who is invited: everyone

Webcast details: see attached Outlook invitation


Background provided by SAP:

SAP Certification recently conducted a survey of SAP user groups to determine how important SAP certification is to our users. Over 300 users responded to the survey which targeted several SAP user groups around the world. 


As directed by the CEIC (Certification Enablement and Influence Council), SAP Certification has conducted a survey of its user groups to gather feedback regarding the importance of certification in general and specifically the importance of Credential Manager implementation.


More than 80% of respondents say it is important or very important to have their employees certified.  And, 60% say certification is used as criteria when selecting consultants to implement SAP projects. Also, 75% of respondents indicate it is important or very important to be able to search a public registry of consultants.



Learn more when Sue Martin, Director Global Certification, presents the survey results at this Mentor Monday session on September 16th.


I know SAP worked hard to reach out to user groups around the world to obtain their feedback on SAP certification.  How important is SAP Certification to customers and partners?  Find out Monday, September 16th.


For more recent information on SAP Certification, check out this summary of the last SAP Certification SAP Mentor webcast.

On Monday we had an update on SAP Certification from Susan Martin who is the SAP Global Certification Director.  Many of the slides Sue covered were discussed What is new in SAP HANA Certification – SAP Webcast


For those who missed, here is the replay link:




Sue gave a big announcement that on Monday SAP Crowdsourced Certification Initiative Launched - crowd sourcing for certification exam questions and rewards.  A credential manager to verify those who have passed certification is coming.  A quote from Jon Reed "certficiation verification is a long-requested community issue, will help with combating consulting fraud, glad to see it".  A question from an attendee was how will credential manager handle credentials over the years (those with historical credentials)?  Sue said it will handle credentials that are up to date so normally the last 3 versions of the exam


Jon also asked John Appleby to discuss his experience with SAP HANA professional certification.  HANA Distinguished Engineers were invited to take the SAP HANA professional certification exam. It was John's first certification in 12 years.  John said that unless you worked with SAP HANA you would've struggled to pass the exam and this was good.  The test covered was on the up-to-date and on the current version.  He said there was a scenario-based question and he felt this was the highest quality.  John felt that multiple choice exams were not the highest quality.  Listen to the replay to hear John offer more suggestions for improvement.


Sue said they were looking at profiling at tasks to improve the questions and they would look scenarios for testing.  Additionally they would look at providing a system for the test.  Sue felt crowd sourcing would also add to the improvement of the exam.


John also raised the Open SAP HANA course and how education is changing.

Mary Bazemore (she goes by Molly) stated in the chat " our key objective is to drive continuous learning and skill development, so we are taking away many barriers to access education."   She also said "If we look at how many people in our ecosystem get professionally trained, we are disappointed with the results. so the objective is to drive volume in participation, which allows us to move to other financial models.  key is effective social learning, quality online content, and responsiveness to community needs.  We think we have a good plan on how to accomplish this, and will share with the Certification Enablement Influence Council this week." 


Molly also said "we can offer the best trainers live, as well as recorded.  our intent is to allow the communities to determine requirements, as well as SAP experts who are aware of the next area that requires some focus, and change the means in which that expertise is brought to market."  She said core measurement is on participation, not revenue.  She said they put so much effort in content.  They want to see participation increase in structured learning yet customers continue to experience issues in their products.  They are looking to removing barriers.


She said Learning Hub had a minimum buy of 20 per company but now that has been removed so an individual can buy.   This is part of removing the barriers.


Mark asked Molly about Open SAP and she it does not provide detailed skills. 


Continuing the discussion, what is a platinum certified consultant?  Find out by listening to the replay.


Join next Monday on 7/22 for the next Mentor Monday webcast: The Process Black Box – OpInt Shines a light inside


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