Word is slowly starting to come out on what will be delivered in Enhancement Package 5 (EHP5) for the Employee Interaction Center and although it is subject to change I thought I would share it with the SDN community. EHP5 was delayed by SAP but is currently expected to be available for ramp up customers during Q4 and as someone who has been involved in ramp up projects for EHP1, EHP3 and EHP4 there are a lot of benefits for taking part in the program with the most obvious being the ability to use the latest and greatest that SAP has to offer. To find out more information regarding the ramp up program.


Enclosed is a high level description of some of the key items tentatively planned for EHP5 for EIC:


Integration with self-services

-ESS authentication services

-“On-behalf” function in CRM based EIC to call ESS scenarios


Employee Identification and Authentication

-Search for SSN

-Additional security Authentication questions.

-ESS authentication self-service.


HCM Processes and Forms Integration

-The ability to launch an HR process from the CRM EIC and link to the service request



-The ability to restrict data access and limit actions for different Agent roles and responsibilities.


Survey Enhancements

-The CRM survey is linked to the EIC service requests and the corresponding mail form, which contains the survey link, is enhanced to include additional fields.


EIC Reporting

-HCM relevant data fields are enabled for CRM BI queries.


It is important to note that most of these items are already contained in the ERP version of the Employee Interaction Center with EHP4 but will part of the new Shared Service Framework (SSF) which is based on underlying CRM technology.


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