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I found the blog Developing a learning culture in your SAP technology team from John Moy very interesting (Developing a learning culture in your SAP technology team - Part 1). I thought about the way I keep myself up to date with SAP technology and what's happening in the SAP world. So here we go...


RSS feeds

I subscribed to several SDN RSS feeds like the SDN Community home page, blogs and articles in my areas of interests (mainly Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Warehouse). I have been doing this for years now and found that this keeps me well up to date (news, technologies, etc.). If I find an interesting blog or article, I usually send it to my team or whoever may be interested in my organisation (for example, I sent John Moy's blog to my own management).

Personally, I use FeedReader ( I setup the options so that it runs when I switch on my PC in the morning. Usually, it takes me a few minutes to go through the various feeds and read the articles of interest. When I am finished, I close the reader for the day (see options below). I do that because 1) reading news once a day is enough for me and 2) I don't like to be notified in real time of feed updates because it interrupts whatever you're currently doing (being interrupted like that by machine or other people is giving up control of your time).



To tweet or not to tweet

After reading John Moy's blog, I decided to open a Twitter account to follow some of the SAP feeds. I added @SAPCommNet, @SCNblogs, @SCNLibrary, @SAPlearn and @SAPMentors to my list.After a few days, I found that I already received most of the information via my RSS feeds. So, having a twitter account to follow these SAP accounts is of little interest to me. Obviously, this is another story if you plan to post tweets, etc.


How to get tweets in your RSS reader

Note that you can get the contents of Twitter feeds in you RSS reader. To do so:



Some more examples:



As Confucius said I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. So, do try the different approaches for a few days and keep the one(s) that suit(s) you.



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