I recently attended and presented at a couple ASUG chapter meetings.  What a great experience!  I love talking with our customers and hearing from them first hand about their support experiences with SAP. 

The New England chapter meeting topic I presented was a general introduction to the SAP Support Customer Experience team, focusing on what we do, what we have done, what the future has in store, and how customers can get engaged.  I also touched on the Remote Supportability piece for BusinessObjects customers, and provided a quick overview of the tools and services offered through Remote Supportability.  For more information specific to Remote Support Component, read Greg Myers blog.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Texas chapter meeting topic focused on some helpful tips and tricks in navigating through the SAP Support Portal.  By the way, the venue was AMAZING!

irving center2.jpg

Even though these two meetings had different focuses, the themes were the same:  Educating and sharing information on SAP Support, and explaining how customers can get involved. 

There was a lot of great feedback I received from the customers who attended these meetings. It is always wonderful to meet in person.  I find connecting face to face is a great opportunity to not only HEAR from our customers, but SEE their enthusiasm, reactions, and build a personal connection.

Here are some of the specific pieces of feedback I heard in these meetings:

  • Customers were happy to hear about improvements to user interface (SAP Support Portal)
  • LOVE the notifications for support packs/fixes (BusinessObjects specific content)
  • Stop the ping pong of messages
    • Component changes
    • Back and forth via message text vs. phone call
  • LOVE to hear from engineers via phone (customers stated that this has improved)
  • Take the time to READ my message
    • Customers log message sometimes as last option
    • Customers search for solution and attach files to show steps taken to reconstruct issue, but this is at times overlooked by support
  • Customers were happy to hear how they can get involved with the SAP Support Customer Experience team and help shape the future of SAP Support




Again, great to get this information first hand and be able to share it back with our support organization.  Yes, we do share!

One thing I did note during both of these sessions was that not a lot of people knew about some of the support improvements that have been made (user interface updates on SAP Support Portal, notifications for BusinessObjects customers), how they can get in touch with support/escalate a message (CIC contact information), or that the SAP Support Customer Experience team even existed.  Which leads me to ask the question, are we communicating SAP support related information effectively?  How do you hear about support updates?   What type of support related information is important to you?  What suggestions can you make to help us get more visibility to our customers who use SAP support?  I would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts!

Did you know that implementing new software has a lot in common with building a house? No?
When you build a house you need to put together a lot of parts and pieces. Usually a lot of parties are involved and experts are definitely needed. You need to stay on time and in budget. And you have a high financial risk. All these points also hold true for software implementation projects.

But how do you make sure to involve the right experts and manage everything well during your implementation project?
That's why we created this new video for you, explaining how SAP Enterprise Support helps you to build your “software house”:

Only SAP Enterprise Support offers the best services, tools and guidance at each step of the implementation project: Before and during the implementation. Take advantage of the key capabilities of SAP Enterprise Support with the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, Best Practices, SAP Solution Manager and Continuous Quality Checks. SAP Enterprise Support helps mitigate your risk and helps ensure that there are no unknown showstoppers. You can be confident that you will implement better your desired “software house”.

Directly access the new "Implement Better" blog and presentation.

SAP’s commitment to deliver more and accelerated innovation to SAP Business Suite helps its customers to become more productive, free up resources and run their businesses even better. As a logical consequence of its commitment to non-disruptive innovation, SAP is extending mainstream maintenance for the core SAP Business Suite 7 applications, including SAP ERP 6.0, by five years, from December 2015 through December 2020. This long-term predictability and planning security for the customers is unrivaled in the software industry and demonstrates SAP’s commitment to their success.


Customers that haven’t done the upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 by now, are facing the end of extended maintenance as of March 31, 2013. In this context, SAP expects a large array of customers who are still running old SAP ERP releases below SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 and SAP ERP 2004) to follow SAP’s innovation roadmap by upgrading to SAP ERP 6.0.

Maintenance Phases.png

In order to support these customers with their upgrade project, as well as to facilitate their upgrade project with specific SAP Enterprise Support services, SAP Active Global Support (AGS) and Maintenance Go-to-Market (M-GTM) are currently launching the Upgrade Now! campaign for direct SAP Enterprise Support customers in EMEA.

In this campaign SAP Enterprise Support customers will be invited to join a dedicated program, including a 360° review for upgrade, upgrade-related “meet the expert sessions” and a dedicated upgrade support advisory.

At a glance - Why customers should join the Upgrade Now! program:

  • 360° review for upgrade for a holistic analysis of potential risks and challenges associated to upgrading, both from a technical point of view and from a business perspective
  • Individual service plan for upgrade project
  • Comprehensive set of tools and services of SAP Enterprise Support
  • Knowledge transfer for upgrade related topics via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy
  • Individual expert-guidance throughout the entire upgrade project by the upgrade support advisory


The Upgrade Now! program starts with an initial online webinar that highlights the benefits of upgrading to SAP ERP 6.0 and reveals all relevant information of how to benefit from the tools and services offered by this Upgrade Now! program. SAP Enterprise Support customers can register for one of the following meet the expert sessions free of charge via the landing page:

  • Tuesday, March 27th from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (CET) / GER
  • Monday, April 2nd from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (CET) / EN


Access the Upgrade Now! program


to get additional information, to contact us in case you want to address any questions to us or to order the initial 360° review for upgrade directly.

Cloyd Casilana


Posted by Cloyd Casilana Mar 13, 2012


I am trying to upgrade the BPC 7.5 MS SP4 to SP5.Please provide me a link to where I can download the SP5 patch. I am having hard time looking for the SP5 patch. Thanks.


1. How SAP Enterprise Support Helps Customers Implement Better

In this session Tom DiAntonio, Vice President within SAP’s Maintenance Go-To-Market organization, will explain how SAP Enterprise Support helps customers to Implement Better. He’ll explain SAP Enterprise Support from the analogy of building a house and ensuring all parts and pieces fit.
To find out more about SAP Enterprise Support and how it helps you to implement better, listen to this session.


2. How SAP Enterprise Support Helps Customers Operate Better

In this second session Tom DiAntonio will explain how SAP Enterprise Support helps customers to Operate Better. He’ll continue the analogy of SAP Enterprise Support with building a house by extending it to a growing town. To find out more about SAP Enterprise Support and how it helps you to operate better, listen to this session.


3. How SAP Enterprise Support Helps Customers Innovate Better

In this final session, Tom DiAntonio will explain how SAP Enterprise Support plays a role in helping customers to Innovate Better. Listen to the session


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