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Welcome to the SAP Sourcing page on SAP Community Network (SCN). SAP Sourcing is an On-Premise and OnDemand application that provides an end-to-end solution for the procurement process. Visit the SAP Community Network SAP Sourcing page, often, for answers to your questions, news, new articles, blogs, videos, and interviews about SAP Sourcing. Join SCN for free to post your own questions, answers, blog posts and articles about SAP Sourcing.

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For descriptions of the product, see the SAP Procurement page on

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Working with FTP folders in SAP Sourcing 9.x

In this blog post, Bogdan Toma explains how to use FTP in scripts in SAP Sourcing. May 23, 2015


SAP Sourcing/CLM Browser Support for Versions 7, 9 and 10

In this blog post, Anne McClelland summarizes the current browser support configurations for SAP Sourcing/CLM. May 14, 2015



Define and create custom System Properties

In this document, Bogdan Toma describes how script developers can create their own system properties to support frequently changing configurations. April 12, 2015

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