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SAP SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management and synchronization technologies that enable the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications in embedded, SaaS, remote and mobile environments. There are two main products in the SQL Anywhere family: SQL Anywhere is for enterprise and ISV applications deployed in server, remote office and mobile environments. SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition is for ISVs deploying SaaS applications.

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SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Edition is a FREE software download for development use only for Windows, Linux OS X, UNIX, smartphone, and tablet operating systems.


SQL Anywhere, On-Demand Edition allows ISVs to setup multi-machine, database server clouds that are capable of running thousands of individual SQL Anywhere databases. The individual SQL Anywhere databases are developed using the free SQL Anywhere®, Developer Edition, and are then added into an on-demand edition cloud for testing and deployment. Start building your business application with 1000 free core hours.

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Download SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Edition

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SAP SQL Anywhere

This video will walk you through the ideal use cases for using SQL Anywhere data management and synchronization technology.


SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition

This video explains how SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition works and why it is the ideal cloud data management solution for Saas application vendors.


A Guide to Downloading SAP SQL Anywhere Support Packages

This document describes in detail where to find the SQL Anywhere support packages and how to download them.

Interfacing with GPIO on Embedded Linux

This tutorial on the SQL Anywhere Wiki demonstrates how interfacing with GPIO can be done on embedded Linux platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.

Optimizing SQL Anywhere Performance Over a WAN

This document is an update to the SQL Anywhere WAN performance tuning document published many years ago.

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