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SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) space on SCN with blogs, documents and helpful discussions. SAP SRM enables the full range of supply and procurement activities from the strategy stage to execution. SAP SRM helps optimize operations and create supply and procurement operation that allows for integration of processes with suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders.

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Itsik Versano, Volha Paulouskaya, Martina Bahrke, Valentin Eskov, Gabriella Gogl-Gyorgy, Luisa Stroganova, Sajid Amir, Jamie Cantrell, David Branan, Rosa Stahl, Ivan Shymanovich, Jason Cao, SAP Community Network Administration, Jason Lax, Jerry Janda, David Cockrell, Jamie Cantrell, Catherine LaCroix, David Johnson, Audrey Stevenson, Vera Sayevich, Sajid Amir, ModeratorProd Test, SAP (Official), Christiane Kubach, Kirill Pogrebnyak, Moshe Naveh, Brian Bernard, Caroleigh Deneen, Yaniv Bar, David Metser, Gali Kling Schneider, Dominik Kloe, Sergei Alimov, Yael Tal, Ingvild Bayer, Mark Seymour, Aliona Baltramiayuk


Oct 26, 2011

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