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SAP Single Sign-On (SAP SSO) on SAP Community Network. Find helpful user resources including blogs, discussions, guides, videos, and more so you can learn and share on how to centralize and simplify the way users log on to systems and applications.

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New Sizing Guide for Secure Login

Check out the new sizing guide for Secure Login of SAP Single Sign-On 2.0. The document provides guidelines and recommendations on hardware requirements and software considerations for your implementation. November 18, 2014 Mobile Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori and for Cloud Applications

In her latest step-by-step guide, Donka Dimitrova explains in detail how to enable mobile single sign-on for SAP Fiori using the SAML 2.0 Identity Provider and one-time password authentication mechanism. Also learn how to enable mobile single sign-on for cloud applications using SAP Authenticator. November 17, 2014


SP4 for SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 Now Available

SAP just released the latest support package for SAP Single Sign-On 2.0, including a number of innovative new features such as mobile single sign-on with SAP Authenticator app, risk-based authentication using access policies, and Secure Network Communications (SNC) Made Easy. For more information and to download the new SP4, read Regine Schimmer's blog. November 4, 2014

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