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SAP Education supports life-long learning, for example by providing anytime, anywhere learning opportunities with SAP Learning Hub, your cloud-based SAP learning offering. Everyone from business users to IT professionals can gain instant online access to all digital assets from SAP Education (handbooks, e-learning, Ramp-Up Product updates), visit learning communities or optionally get access to sandbox systems for doing exercises – so you can make your SAP knowledge transfer more effective & efficient. Find more info on the SAP Learning Hub here.                                                                                 


To start experiencing the SAP Learning Hub, anyone can register for the “Discovery Edition” as a free-of-charge subscription. It allows you to test-drive, explore and experience the SAP Learning Hub knowlege environment. You can find full e-learning courses, previews of handbooks & e-learning, quizzes, and expert videos.


To enable social, collaborative learning for this “Discovery Edition” we set up individual cover pages for each full free course in SCN, where you can use the comments function to ask course-related questions or write reviews. To boost this social learning we set up 2 missions in SCN – so you can learn to earn (badges and points).


How to earn points & badges for your online reputation with SAP Learning Hub? Please see here how.


I found SAP Learning Hub’s free courses: 2 points



Find and bookmark the SAP Learning Hub Free Courses Overview document on SCN.  It shows all free courses on the SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition. Mission has no end date.

To access free courses, all you have to do is go directly to SAP Learning Hub Discovery Edition. In order to access a free course, you will first need to register for SAP Learning Hub via the SAP Education Training & Certification Shop. Please find a detailed description on how to enroll to the discovery edition in this blog.



SAP Learning Hub Explorer: 10 points (Mission has ENDED)


This mission has ended by April 30th. We are currently developing new missions for SAP Learning Hub - and will keep you posted via this blog.


Happy Learning!



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