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SAP Global Certification is excited to announce that Gaurav Sinha has achieved bronze status in the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Initiative having successfully submitted 10 items that would be considered for future HANA certification exams.  For his efforts, SAP Global Certification will reward Mr. Sinha with a free exam voucher. Mr. Sinha is an experienced consultant and he had worked on projects including but not limited to Database Administration, Migration to SAP HANA, Performance and Tuning (P&T), ASE, Replication Server & SAP IQ. Mr. Sinha is a senior consultant at SAP India Pvt. Ltd. based in Pune, India with 9 years of experience in various consulting roles.


Mr. Sihna holds a Computer Engineering degree as well as a MBA (CRM). He also holds professional certifications in: SAP Certified Technology Associate -SAP HANA 1.0 and Sybase Replication Server, ASE, Sybase IQ. Other professional certifications held by Mr. Sihna include ITIL®, Microsoft and BEC Vantage.


The Global Certification Team appreciates Mr. Sinha valuable contribution to the program. SAP recognizes the value of including the very latest experience and knowledge in its exams and encourages anyone with a current SAP certification to start contributing to the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Program.


Follow this link to the Crowdsourcing portal.

What's new with SAP Credential Manager


Credential Manager is a solution hosted by Pearson Credential Management that allows companies and individuals to manage their certification process in a more automated fashion.


If you are already certified, you've received a mail from credential-manager in order to activate your personal account. you can find this place at www.sapcredentialmanager.com.

SAP Credential Manager.png

In other words, once you passed your SAP certification, your profile will be updated with your new skills and you can decide to publish or not your certification.




The tool allows customers and partners to quickly verify that candidates have the qualifications listed on their curriculum vitae or resume. And customers can search for a certified consultant for a specific SAP® solution by geographical area.


To search a certiified consultant, got to www.sapconsultantregistry.com


You realize numerous benefits, discounted products, and free knowledge-sharing sessions, and the ability to easily manage your certification needs. Furthermore, Credential Manager allows verification of your certification status in several ways. You can publish credentials to a prospective employer or customer, or elect to appear in a registry of certified resources, where customers can search for certified resources in their area. A customer can also check your certification status through a simple global application process.




Main features


Two of the key features of the Credential Manager portal are the following:


  • Allows employers and customers to verify a candidate’s certification status quickly and easily Certified Community Portal
  • Provides certified individuals with access to discounted products, and free knowledge-sharing sessions in a restricted area


Show your value !


With this new website, you can express to the world how you run SAP better. A good point for you as a consultant or "expert" and of cours for your company. Customers find with this place, a secure area to pick the best SAP players.


For example, you can find me as a consultant certified on BI Plaform 4.0 and Incident Management with SAP BusinessObjects


Find Consultant.png


Source : FAQ

Link : http://www.sapcredentialmanager.com/

Link : http://www.sapconsultantregistry.com/

Everybody says eating five fruits would make you healthy, but would just eating only fruitsmake you really healthy is the question? You certainly need other food ingredients to keep us fit. In the similar way, just only doing the certification would keep you better is the question. There is definitely something beyond certifications to make us the respected professionals. If somebody asks me why should we eat fruits? There is no answer, they can also live without fruits. In the similar way some of the over smart people would ask this question, why should we need certification? We cannot blame them as they have their own set of reasons. There are even some kind of people you would see in your life that they would really become egoistic if discuss them anything related to certification, because they feel that they know everything? The would always who the hell to certify their so called self proclaimed knowledge. Let us leave those highly intelligent people alone. Please note I am not here to promote SAP Certifications or their brands, I am only writing this to encourage real enthusiastic people in education. That is the reason I have not mentioned anything about SAP Certification so far. You work hard and try to understand the business processes of the client, communicate more, help people etc., these are all part of job, that everybody will do. But, beyond that is there something that you should look into build your reputation and credibility. Reputation is something you cannot build in overnight, it takes huge amount of commitment to build your reputation. In order to build your reputation among the clients, prospective employers, friends, families and the professional circles, you should start your planning from very early age in life. Time is really gold, once you spent, you cannot do anything. If you start planning at the age of forty, then it is too much, then your kids might be start competing with you. Therefore, you should start your plans now. What is this new year's resolutions? Let us commit ourselves to do something recognizable, quantifiable and appreciative. Learn something new and get it certified by some third party, could it be SAP Certification, Oracle Certification, Sun Certification, Cisco Certification or Microsoft Certification, whatever, just give a commitment. It could even be CCNA, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC etc. type of certifications, may be you can also plan PMP, Prince2 type certifications. If you are more academically inclined person, then consider doing Management Accountancy, Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary type of courses. Do not shy yourself getting the free membership of the other country's professional bodies based on their reciprocal arrangement.  May be you can even try for a MBA, or if you have enough money try with SAP University Alliance Program, may be if you have great capability, then start doing some Phd., but do not stop doing something formidable repeatedly throughout your life.


First and foremost point in life is do not think too much about the job prospects. Just stop thinking that you are doing a course for a job. I have seen number of people repeatedly asking questions like what module is good for me? Would I get a Job? Can you give me some interview questions? What type of jobs are good for women? Please stop this negative thinking. What you should remember is doing a certification is not the ultimate aim of your life. It is just a beginning of your new journey, you should start doing such journeys regularly and repeatedly. Do not stop investing money on you. Trust me investing something for your education would always give you fruits, need not necessarily by way of monetary gains, but it gives you reputation, self-confidence, better skill set and stand out CV. This is the only way you can leave your mark on the future generations. Otherwise, you would become like one in million. Most of people try to get a job, then love to marry a beautiful wife, then get flowers and sweets to wife, purchase toys to kids and enjoy eating lovely Indian spicy food Nobody is stopping you to enjoy your personal life, but, if you think it is the only aim of your life and rushing to flower stall every evening, then you would go nowhere. They may even argue why to put extra effort to learn something. They could even argue, I am currently getting handsome salary, if I jump from one company to other company like a frog I could even get 20% jump (used to 40 to 50 percent jumps in salaries in India, sorry folks, those days are gone now). They could feel that such five or six jumps over a period of 10 years, would help to easily sail the life. Most of them think, once joining the new company, do not do any work, but just do the politics, once company realizes your non-potential, then again jump to another company. Is this something you want to achieve?



Certainly not. If you want only such type jumping in life, probably you would have joined some political party, probably, you would have earned much more money in your life. The first thing you should remember is stop polishing, stop oiling, stop buttering your superiors. This is not the way to live. More than 95% of people do such kind of buttering to the superiors. Working loyally is different from buttering your superiors, please do not be confused between those two. What you want to do? Have your plan ready for this year. Think how much you invest on your development, if you have limited budget, use it proficiently for your development. Stop doing unnecessary expenses and purchasing luxurious goods. Meanwhile, start diverting that unlimited expenses towards some fruitful knowledge foundation to your life. Learn something, do not feel shy to invest money for yourself. Again repeatedly, I would like to say, do not think too much for the return. Concentrate well on doing something repeatedly and get yourself certified along with your working. Make this a habit of your life, you would surely excel in everything you do in your life. Probably, those who buttered their bosses might also be in the same position after 10 years, but do remember, the butter will melt and become like a 3rd grade palm oil. If you see yourself after 10 years of life, you would get wonderful working experience, plus you have 10 to 15, or may be 20 or more certification. Just imagine yourself and how beautifully you could collectively frame your strong CV.


Always try to aim high by knowing your potential. Intelligence does not really matter. Even if you are ordinary intelligent person, but if you have right attitude and committing behaviour, I am sure you are going to achieve many distinctions in your life. First of come out of the over-smart behaviour and never think you are big knowledgeable person. Always keep your feet on the ground. You should know the difference between gold and bronze. Gold always melt itself to give highest amount of purity, whereas bronze is cheap metal with unlimited and horrible sound. What you want to be is in your hands. If you want to build a gold kind of reputation start planning yourself today, aim something high every time. Trust me those who are laughing at you for your difficulties in learning new would feel lot of zealous when you realize the fruits for your hard work. Therefore, plan today, nothing is too late, put down on a paper what kind of certifications / degrees / skills you are planning to acquire month by month or year by year. Never even shy yourself to learn multiple skills or appear for multiple certification at the same period. Do not much bother about the failures in the exams, they are all part of life, would always happen. Always give your best, hit the bull eye and achieve some quantifiable certifications every year. Please do not ask the whole world which certification is good for you. Open your eyes and plan yourself for the next certification. Your marriage or kids should not be a constraint in developing your knowledge. You should even be ready to go along with your sons to classes, if you feel that is the course something you should attend.



The achievement gives you greatest self satisfaction which is the key for your outstanding enrichment. Some things cannot be counted with monetary benefits. If you think you can count the values of education with money, they you are thinking on the wrong side. I still remember one of the question posted by my ex-manager. He asked me “You are investing lot of money on educations? What would happen if you are going to die tomorrow and where would that investment goes?” I could only sense the stupidity out of that question. Nobody can guarantee what happens tomorrow, that is for sure, so we do not need to worry about that. But, even if you try to invest in shares, they could go into crashing, if you put in gold they probably it would be robbed, if you invest in real estate, the could a possibility of encroachment. But, knowledge always goes with you till you die. It is a great treasure that you would preserve within yourself forever. Therefore, you should never hesitate or count the money to invest the amount in you. We should never stop the learning new things. Now a days nothing is for free, even education is not an exception to that rule. Therefore, you should plan your monetary resources accordingly and never stop investing your time, effort and money in developing your knowledge.

At the end of the life, if you look back what I have achieved in my whole professional life, you would count your success by number of certifications along with the number of years of experience. That satisfaction is probably greater than the amount of one million dollars that you have saved. Therefore, hope my following suggestion to do any type certification / degree / educational venture would really be handy. The certification need not necessarily be a SAP Certification, but it could be anything that would up your professional career. However, if you are a SAP consultant, I would strongly recommend that you would surely plan to do at least some SAP Certifications.


Hopefully, the following points would be handy for your Certification process:


1. Evaluate the options


You have very limited money, therefore, you need to spend it very cautiously, therefore, you cannot go with the certification that you have seen. Probably, you might be interested to do 10 Certifications, but you cannot go with all of them, that is the theory of life, therefore, you need to choose them wisely. Please note what certifications you are interested on a white paper, then check what are the credentials, whether they are globally reputed, would it gives any job opportunities immediately or whether there are any long term benefits, what would the cost that I would be spending etc. You need to answer all these questions before you are committing yourself to do a certification.


2. Commit yourself


Once you have nailed down the options of the certification(s) that you are intended to, then you need to commit yourself like anything. Commitment means it is a total commitment, nothing short of it. You have decided to that certification at any cost and under any circumstances, now, you have made up your mind, should not look back until you achieve your task. Commitment is not just the physical commitment, which is only 10 percent, but you should have psychological commitment, which is 90% percent, which is more important. Always your mind should be lingering around that certification and you should have all your plans and thoughts in your mind around that. The day starts with the thoughts in your sixth sense with that Certification. That would always drive you towards achieving that Certification.



3. Plan well in advance


If you want to write a certification then you should at least plan 6 months in advance. Then it gives you ample time to plan the activities, execute the tasks and complete the preparation, unless you are a master of that subject. It is always not possible to be a master in all the subjects, therefore, you cannot really afford to decide to write an exam in just few days of preparation. You should hit the small snake with the big stick. Unless you plan well in advance, it would not be possible to reduce all the odds to crack the exam. This would give you ample to collate your materials, select the training institute, taking the bank loan (if necessary) and post training preparation etc.



4. Collate all the study resources


Half of the task for you is to collate the relevant study materials. This is the 50% of your certification task. You need to try with various resources like hard copies, library books, online literature, training materials or notes from your friends, e-books etc. But, you should know, you should not adamantly spend money on the materials. You should try to spend the money cautiously and always try to get the free materials. There would also be some yahoo groups for that certification, you should always refer to those groups where you would be provided with some kind of sample questions, the other important thing is within these groups, you can team up with like minded people share their experiences and updates. Some of these groups are spammed too much, if you are registered with such groups, then get ready for spam mails in your inbox.



5. Allocate your time


Now the important task is you need to allocate at least 4 hours a day during the working days and 8 hours a day during the week ends, unless you have a strong reason to excuse. Most of the time actuals always deviate too much with planned time, therefore, you should have check on how much you are really spending on study. I know movies, friends and parties are always tempting, and adding to that browsing on the internet is another way to kill the time. But, you need to overcome all these tempting things.



6. Know the pattern of the exam


Each exam is different in its own spirit. Some exams are multiple choice, some exams written and their evaluation process could be different. Unless you have clear idea about how the exam pattern and the evaluation process, then it is really not possible to crack the exam. If it multiple choice examination, then it is always using the elimination technique would help. Out of the multiple choice questions, you need to identify the wrong options first then you would be easily identify the right answers. Usually, you end up with two right answers, which looks too similar and only one is correct. Candidate usually end up in selecting the wrong answer, in such confusing cases, read the questions more than twice.



7. Discuss with like minded people


You need to group up with the like minded people. Combined studies would always studies would always help, this is particularly true if you are below 25 years. Usually for people below 25 years, there are many distractions tempt them to go away from studies, unless you are very committed. If you team up with like minded people, you can work together towards the same goal and discuss with each other the unknown topics. Two minds work better than a single mind. It is also give encouragement as well as fill the competitiveness. This is very much important in order to occupy and accommodate all the available time towards the common goal of passing the Certification.




8. Give your best


The important thing is you always give your best to pass the examination, if you put only half heart, then there is every chance you will end up on the wrong side in the examination. Even if you are expert in that field, you should never go with half heart. The preparation is the key for passing any examination. Many skills and experienced candidates in their own subjects failed because of the over confidence or lack of preparation. Always try to give your best and do not much bother about the result. Pass and failure would be the same. If you are passed, you will get a recognition and if you fail also you would get a great experience, how to pass the examination. Therefore, treat both of them as the same.


9. Follow post passing procedures


Just passing the certification exam is not sufficient. There are many post passing procedures you need to be followed. For example, taking the membership, following the continuous education rules, getting the user ids / passwords for viewing some of their sites, paying the regular membership fee, fulfilling their ethics and code of conduct, writing the future re-certification examination are all need to be strictly followed. Otherwise, some of the certifying bodies may revoke or strip your certification. Therefore, there are lot of elements needs to be considered and lot of money is also involved in paying the membership fee and continuous education etc. Therefore, everybody should be aware these things, before opting to write a certification examination.



10. Never fear of failure


Last but not the least, never fear about the fear of failure. You would hear many horrible stories of that intelligent student or candidate has failed or somebody has not even for attempting three times. You do not need to much worry about these stories. You do not really know what their preparation is, what their exam conditions are and what the questions in examination are. You only need to concentrate is your own ability to crack the exam, you own preparation and belief on yourself. Unless you believe on your own strengths you would never be successful in any of the examination. Do not worry, even if you fail in examination, no sky is going to fall down, still you would have brighter tomorrow to pass the examination.

Avid followers of the SAP Certification space on SCN may remember that last year, I embarked on a mission to find your certification success stories in the form of short video statements expressing how SAP certification has helped you in your career. The plan is to create an official SAP video on certification which incorporates some of the best videos submitted as part of this initiative. Our ultimate goal is to use your video stories to inspire other people in the SAP world to take the plunge and sign up for an exam. 



We had a number of enthusiastic comments and some fun/cool videos, but we still haven’t reached that magic “critical mass” of submissions. So as an added incentive, we are now offering 12 months of free access to SAP Learning Hub to anyone whose video is featured in the final official SAP video. 


Here’s what we’re looking for 

We love video and we’d love for you to upload a short clip (30-60 seconds) to YouTube telling us Your Certification Success Story.


Be sure to tell us:


  • your name
  • which SAP solution(s) you certified in
  • where you took your certification exam
  • how certification has helped you in your career


Your video doesn’t need to be professionally shot - using your smart phone or video mode on a camera should ensure good enough quality, or alternatively a webcam on your computer would do. You can shoot yourself at arms’ length or ask a friend to video you - it’s your story and your enthusiasm we’re looking forward to seeing!


Please add the link to your video to the comments field below so we can view your video. It’s very easy to upload something to YouTube and embed into the comments. Even better, if you’re on Twitter, tweet your video using the hashtag #yourcertstory. If we like your story, we’ll re-tweet you to thousands of followers worldwide.


You can read my earlier blog here. Oh, and don’t forget - the winners will have a free 12-month subscription to SAP Learning Hub!  To find out for yourself what a great prize this is, simply head over to our Learning in the Cloud section on SCN for more information about SAP Learning Hub.


We look forward to “seeing” you soon.

Hello Everyone,



Glad to inform the community that I passed the C_TFIN52_66 certification exam.


It was an excruciating one week, I would say, but I finished the exam in 90min and took another 30 minute to re-read and to make sure everything was right.


I thank the community for the support. Some of the links that helped me gain an idea of how to approach the exam were,



How to Approach and Pass a SAP Certification



Sap FICO Certification


An SAP Certification is something that I dreamed when I was in India, but the red tape was too irritating. Scheduling the exam and appearing for it is so easy here in USA. My first certification, SAP TERP10 was part of SAP University alliance which we took from the college itself.


Pearson VUE exam center for C_TFIN52_66 was in a college which was just a stones throw from my apartment. Scheduling and taking exam via Pearson was a pleasant experience. The customer care is very professional and the center staff is courteous.


So here is my two cents for people contemplating about an SAP certification,


1) Experience matters. I never had a formal training but extensively used my company's sandbox system along with the study material.


2) After you complete the exam, unless there is a 'Eureka moment' do not play with the selections you made. According to my TERP10 trainer, a study has shown (not sure what study) that the probability of getting a question about which you have absolutely no idea right is high with the first option(s) you selected.


3)Stick on to the materials and the syllabus. I read the TFIN50_1 and 2, AC305 only to pass the exam. Missing TFIN52_1 and 2 was a risk I had to take.


Thanks again everyone !

Rushing home for a much needed good night's sleep.




Along with a strong professional track record and hands-on experience, SAP certification is an important signifier that someone has reached a standard of quality and proficiency in an SAP solution. By dipping into some of the free courses available in the recently launched SAP Learning Hub, you can sharpen your skills with SAP solutions and get the practice you need to become SAP-certified if you decide to go down that path.


SAP Education's instructors and other subject-matter experts are making their expertise available through this new learning approach. Take a look at this sampling of videos by these experts to find out if SAP Learning Hub can help get you there!


Certification Overview - SAP Certified Application Associate in SAP HANA

This video explains the advantages of becoming an SAP Certified Application Associate in SAP HANA, and how you can achieve this through SAP Learning Hub



Certification Overview - SAP Certified Development Associate in SMP Hybrid and Native

In this video, you'll hear about the advantages of becoming an SAP-certified development associate in the area of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), hybrid and native mobile application development, and how you can achieve this through SAP Learning Hub



Certification Overview - SAP Certified Application Associate in Financial Accounting

Advantages of becoming an SAP-certified application associate in financial accounting, and how you can accomplish this via SAP Learning Hub.



Certification Overview - SAP Certified Development Associate in ABAP with SAP NetWeaver

Advantages of becoming an SAP-certified development associate in ABAP with SAP NetWeaver, and how you can achieve this through SAP Learning Hub


Dear Fellows

I have just passed my SAP SD certification exam on 27th August 2013. TW Typewriter  gave me an idea to share my experience so I want to share my thoughts and findings which I got after this exam. Thank you TW Typewriter  for giving me this nice idea. These might be helpful for some professionals who are already in SAP career and also for those who want to get in SAP.

I will be discussing two aspects of certification exam. For those who are already in SAP profession in any module or area but not certified yet and for those who  are not in SAP profession but want to get in after passing certification and they are preparing for it or planning to prepare.


My Certification Preparation and Attempt

I have been working in SAP since mid of 2009. When I started my career I was not aware of SAP and its certification. I got into SAP accidentally I went in a local company here in Pakistan for an interview for the position of Customer Service Representative but they said since you are not experienced so we can’t take risk by giving this opportunity to you but you can avail Management Trainee Officer MTO Position in SAP. I accepted that and when I started my career I came to know that there is a certification of SAP which can be beneficial for me to get some other good position in consultancy or in any other client. When I heard its exam fee and got its manuals I got scared that what if I failed to pass it. I didn’t even try to study those manuals (SAP Certification Books) with this fear. My first two years of career were dedicated for learning and I learnt everything through SCN and my own efforts and testing in my DEV server. After two years my boss and colleagues suggested me to go for certification exam and then I started reading those manuals. When I read a few pages then few units, I came to know that these are nothing but just a piece of cake for me. I was already aware of all those things which were written and explained there with examples and it was just because of my experience and my contributions in SCN. I read both manuals TSCM60 and TSCM62 in my Samsung tablet. It was very easy and interesting to study in tablet as compare to study hard copies or in my laptop. I had finished those manuals almost one and half year ago but couldn’t appear in exam just because of that fear which was still there in my mind.

My friends and colleagues got their certifications in different modules and they encouraged me to go for it. I switched my job in new company five months back, AkzoNobel Pakistan which is again a support job. I decided to get certification to move in some consultancy firm. I enrolled myself with SAP Pakistan in end of August 2013 and I thought I will revise once again before one week of my exam date. Finally when academy guy told me that your exam will be on 27th August and be prepare for it I searched those two manuals again in my laptop and started reading them. One of my friend told me to do practice in dypo and I started it. It was interesting and I left manuals and practiced on dypo and some other sample questionnaires which I got from google. I just revised some specific units which were creating troubles in my preparation. When there were two days left in exam, academy guy shared some dumps (Sample question paper) with me and I also practiced those. This was my whole preparation and I was not assured even whether I will pass this test or not. I was nervous about exam but there was no stress in my mind and I even watched some movies in my last week of preparation

When I was there sitting on hot seat for solving the exam I was bit confused and excited too because I was thinking if someone can pass it without any practical experience then why can’t I pass it with years of experience. I solved few questions and all were correct and I was sure about them and it gave me more self-reliance. Then I just started solving questions without flagging any question and solved all 80 questions in one hour only. I checked all the questions once again and submitted it before one and half hour and I was sure to get 100% marks but don’t know which two questions were incorrect and the resulting percentage was 98%. I was excited and finally the fear was transformed in excitement.


My advice for SAP Professionals

For those professionals who are already working in SAP but not certified yet I have some pieces of advice. There are two beliefs in SAP professionals. Some people think that certification is nothing and this is just wastage of money and other think they should get certification to be SAP Certified Professional. For former I just want to share a blog written by Ravi Sankar with the subject of Top 10 Myths about SAP Certifications.

For later one I want to share that if you are working in SAP environment as SAP consultant or in any support role like me and its been more than a year then you can pass certification easily. Prerequisite for this is that you have personal interest in SAP and you are familiar with business processes, scenarios and SAP screens (front end and back end) and if you are in SAP from more than one year then you should know this all very well. The fear of failing this test will always be with you until you appear in exam so don’t wait for the right time or anything else, study the manuals just twice or even once carefully and do some practice on dypo or other sample questions and get your certification. No one is going to do it for you ever and you have to do it on your own even after a few months or years so why don't now? If you are waiting to get more experience and knowledge then trust me you are getting late for being a certified consultant. For an experienced guy this is not a big deal to pass exam with good percentage. I have asked you to study the material just once very carefully because I did this. If you feel you are not satisfied with studying it only once then repeat it and don't give up until you get some self satisfaction.


My advice for fresher’s

Those who want to get in SAP but they have not any practical experience yet, passing exam can be a little challenging for you. You guys need to study the materials with concepts understanding. Practice each and every exercise and don’t study the material like a newspaper or like any other syllabus book. SAP materials required practice along with studying. Open SAP screen with you while you are studying the material and see the screens and transactions. If you can manage to visit SCN forums then that will be a plus point and it will give you a lot of real time business scenarios. When you are done with your preparations, evaluate yourself by solving some dumps if you can get from your academy or from any other medium (Internet searching). Try to give solutions in SCN forum and be active member in your forum. If you can't give solutions then at least try to study the content and business processes. SAP exam will ask you all the questions conceptually. They are not going to ask you how many fields are there in any screen but purpose and use of the fields so it is good that you read F1 help or each and every field especially in IMG settings.


Three hours while attempting Exam

When you are sitting in exam and your time has started, don’t be panic and hurry. Take your time for every question, read the statements twice or thrice to understand the process and then chose your answer. Trust me three hours is more than enough for just 80 questions. Sometime examiner will try to confuse you with English statements and words like should be, must be, could be, can be and can only be etc. For a person like me (English is not my native language) these words can create confusion so before appearing in exam see the dictionary meanings of these words and then chose the answer.


Best thing About Certification Exam

Best thing about certification exam which also encouraged me to appear in it is that they have told you how many correct answers are there. If you have 5 options and there are only 3 correct then they have mentioned in question “Please chose the correct answer. There are three correct answers” My seniors told me that this was not the practice of SAP when they passed the exam but now they have added this in exam. May be they will again exclude this facility but currently this is how they are going to ask you to choose correct answers. In five options if you don’t know exactly which three options are correct then find two which are wrong. Rest of the three will be correct and you can choose them. Some time using the common sense can give you some marks Seriously this technique helped me in my exam and there were some questions which I was able to solve just because of this trick.

If they have not mentioned anything then it means there is only one correct answer and you wouldn't be able to choose more options.

Last but not the least is to be prepare for exam before at least one day of your exam date. In your last day don’t study the manuals. Try to solve some sample questions and have a good and peaceful sleep. Go in your exam with fresh mind and try to be there at least thirty minutes before. These are the things which academy guy will also share with you. 

Don’t wait and get your certification. SAP certification will give you and your employer more confidence and you will feel the difference inside you after passing it. I have just shared my own experience and if you are agreed with my techniques and progression then and if you have your own then share those in your comments.


Good luck and stay blessed.

Moazzam Ali

Gopal.jpgThe SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions program continues to gain momentum with another rewards winner.  SAP Global Certification is excited to announce that Mr. Gopalakrishnan Venkatachalam has achieved Bronze status by successfully submitting at least 10 certification items that can be used for future SAP HANA certification exams.


Mr. Venkatachalam is a Senior Consultant for Capricorn Systems, Inc. and has participated in several SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse end-to-end implementation projects. As a certified SAP Consultant for SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.0, SAP BPC 10.0, and SAP BO 4.0, Mr. Venkatachalam’s skillset spans many SAP technology areas including ABAP, BPC and BO with a focus on Business Intelligence.  He is currently involved with a utility client in Virginia.


As a Bronze award winner, Mr. Venkatachalam has earned a voucher for a free certification exam.


The Global Certification Team appreciates Mr. Venkatachalam’s valuable contribution to the certification program. SAP recognizes the value of including the very latest experience and knowledge in its exams and encourages anyone with a current SAP certification to start contributing to the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Program.


Follow this link for directions on how to get started:



This blog consists of my first steps to Sap MM.


M.Ozgur Unal was graduated from university in 2009 who is a Industrial Engineer. After that , i started my career in Purchasing department. I have worked 3 year and that was very beneficial for Logistic Integrations. Finally, i am a member of SAP HELP in my company.


We manage all projects related with SAP and we decided to get a professional course. For me , this is the most important decision for us.


Firstly , i joined to SAP Community Network. 


Secondly , I finished my C_TSCM52_66 course , it was really professional and helpful . Thanks to my teacher - Mrs.Dilek Ozkucuk and Keskinoglu ..


I will be solving questions related with SAP Certified Application Associate: Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 in 05.03.2014 . I do not have any idea what will do in the future ?


I live with exam mood like a thinking men ...   I am complicated . I think that certification is necessary for professional life...


There are a lot of experts , like a Mr. Jürgen L ,  what is your thoughts about exam mood ?


I hope that this blog provides advises for certification exam....


See you later.


M.Ozgur Unal

SAP Credential Manager hosted by Pearson is a hosted solution that is provided by SAP Education as a free service to the SAP certified community. Since its launch in October 2013, over 4,000 SAP certified professionals are using SAP Credential Manager and the feedback from users is very positive. Building on that success, SAP Global Certification Team is excited to rollout SAP Credential Manager globally by mid-2014.


SAP Education now offers access to SAP Credential Manager as an additional benefit for those going that extra mile and getting SAP certified. It also offers customers and partners various options for validating credentials and searching for certified resources to drive the success of their projects. A customer survey in 2013 showed that it is important for 70% of customers to verify the certification of job applicants or consultants and 80% of customers would like to be able to search for certified consultants in a public registry.


Certified individuals get privileged access to SAP Credential Manager and on certifying they receive an e-mail to consent to include their information in SAP Credential Manager.  Once logged into SAP Credential Manager, certified individuals can:


  • Manage and track their valid certifications
  • Publish their certified status to specific customers, managers or employers
  • Download the SAP Certified logo
  • Stay informed about certification expiration dates and updates about certification exams
  • Get privileged access to benefits and knowledge sharing


Certified SAP consultants looking for opportunities can also elect to include contact details in the SAP Consultant Registry which is the public component of SAP Credential Manager.  The SAP Consultant Registry is a database of certified SAP consultants that customers, project managers and potential employers can use to find the best SAP certified individual for a project.  Certified SAP consultants who include their information in the registry can eliminate the need to send paper certificates to interested parties.


SAP Credential Manager can be accessed from the SAP Training and Certification web shop:

Credential Manager Overview.png


For more information about SAP Credential Manager, review the overview page: 



If you have questions about how to use SAP Credential Manager, refer to the FAQ:



What's Next?

SAP Credential Manager is currently available to the certified community in the ANZ, NA and UKI regions.  SAP Global Certification will publish launch cycles as other regions are added to the service. As a region comes online, members of the certified community will receive an email to give their consent to include their data in SAP Credential Manager. Once the data is loaded, the member is invited to join the SAP Credential Manager portal. If a member has earned certificates with different S-User IDs, accounts will be merged.

Hello Every One,


I wanted to share the Flow of SAP Training & Certification - Associate level in case of Fresh Graduates


For Associate Certification no prior SAP Experience is required in case of Fresh Graduates.


Note: This can be followed only when your College or University is not registered in SAP University Alliance.



Here is the Flow :

Fresh Graduate (Technical / Functional)


Enters into SAP Training with local centers cost is feasible around Rs.20k to Rs.30 or even Rs.35k.

Learns Basic Configuration/Programming/Customizing under the guidance of SAP Trainer (Expert of SAP Industry).




After completing your training, make a small investment in buying SAP IDES System. You need to practice for another 45 days.




You need to create your company & company code in your SAP IDES System End – to End Configuration Solution in IDES.




While doing step-by-step customizing, you need to copy screenshots in MS Word along with SAP Menu Paths, complete one full Configuration cycle of particular SAP module and then take print out.




After taking print out of your configuration notes, just visit Education Partners Centers, tell them you are interested in SAP Consulting Career. Show your Configuration notes and tell them that you have taken training at local center under the guidance of SAP Industry Expert - SAP Trainer.




Education Partners will definitely allow you, if you are willing to join hands with them.



After Certification, Placement will happen through Education Partners - openings are based on Business requirement @ Partner Companies, you need to wait with patience and during your wait you need to do Demo project in your SAP IDES by referring SAP Material given by Authorized Centers.



This flow suits for Fresh Graduates and Students. As a Fresh Graduate I too followed the same flow, it took more time for me because my university/ college is not registered in SAP University Alliance. I faced difficulty in convincing Education Partners here in Bangalore. Now route is clear for Fresh Graduates. Education Partners are allowing Fresh Graduates limited seats only. My Education Partner is also encouraging College Graduates. I hope this flow will help every beginner of SAP especially Students & Graduates who are looking to excel in SAP Career.


I wanted to tell one thing to every one here - Do you know why I mention Trainee? Because I Practice in my SAP IDES daily and I am perfect in Configuration Flow of FICO with out any errors.


Thanks & Regards

Pramila Nagaraj

SAP Financials Associate Certified Consultant -Fresher/Trainee

SAP Certified Candidate of SourceOne Management Services Pvt. Ltd.


Juan Raul Lopez Medina.png


SAP Global Certification is excited to announce that Jose Raul Lopez Medina has achieved bronze status in the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Initiative by successfully submitted 10 items that can be used for future HANA certification exams.  For his efforts, SAP Global Certification will
reward Mr. Lopez with a free exam voucher. Mr. Lopez is employed by HP and has implemented several national and international projects and is scheduled to implement a large SAP HANA contract in the Iberian Peninsula. Mr. Lopez has over six years of experience in many SAP technology areas with a focus on process integration.  Mr. Lopez also holds an MBA to further his administration and business management skills.


The Global Certification Team appreciates Mr. Lopez’s valuable contribution to the certification program. SAP recognizes the value of including the very latest experience and knowledge in its exams and encourages anyone with a current SAP certification to start contributing to the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Program.


Follow this link for directions on how to get started:



In July 2013, SAP’s Global Certification Team (GCT) launched the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Initiative aimed at engaging SAP’s ecosystem in the development of items for certification exams. The initiative was initially open to only SAP S-Users who hold a valid SAP certification. We are pleased to inform you that the SAP Crowdsourced Certification is now opened to all C, D, I Users as well! All experts with C, D, I and S-Users with a valid SAP certification are now able to sign up on the portal and start submitting items for future certifications.


As a C, D and I User, you can now join the legions of S-Users that have already taken advantage of this great opportunity to lend their support to SAP’s certifications and provide valuable knowledge and insight for our certification program. We are currently accepting items for the associate HANA certifications and look forward to your participation in SAP’s Crowdsourced Certification Initiative!


Items submitted are accepted or rejected based on the following criteria:


  1. The items must be original (the questions should not be in the existing pool).
  2. The items must be relevant to a topic in a particular certification. This is based on an initial assessment by GCT and verified by a technical review panel.
  3. The items must adhere to the SAP certification item writing guidelines.


The ‘Rules for Success’ video series explain the item writing guidelines. Click here for the links to the video series: Rule # 5, rule # 1, rule #2 and Rule #3.


Anyone who submits acceptable items is eligible for the rewards program. Participants can earn bronze, silver and gold status and can receive free vouchers, invitations to enablement sessions, discounted access to advanced training options and are featured on SCN. 


Register on the portal and start submitting questions now!


The SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program is our crowd sourcing initiative aimed at involving the wider community of SAP experts especially those outside the organization in the certification process. By writing items (questions and answers), that end up in our certification exams, SAP Certification ensures that it is able to tap into the knowledge base of its internal and external community of experts and continue to provide skills validation. With your help, the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions will ensure that certifications remain relevant and continue to confirm that candidates have the right skills needed for the job.


As very passionate members of the SAP ecosystem, we have developed a rewards system to show we appreciate your effort and to ensure that you are recognized throughout the SAP community.  Item writers are able to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold status depending on the number of items submitted.


A prerequisite for submitting items is that the item writer should be certified in the particular certification. Once this prerequisite is attained, an item writer can start submitting items. The Global Certification Team (GCT) accepts or rejects items based on the following criteria:


  1. An item is original and has not be submitted previously.
  2. An item is relevant to the topic, which is validated by the Certification tam and verified in a technical review session.
  3. An item must adhere to item writing guidelines.


Bronze Status:


To attain bronze status, an author must have 10 items accepted by GCT.  As a reward for attaining bronze status, you will be provided with a free certification voucher and featured on SCN, a social network of professionals in the SAP ecosystem. In addition to the rewards mentioned above, internal SAP professionals, also receive access to the newest courseware even before it gets delivered to customers.


Silver Status:


To attain silver status, an author must have submitted 20 items that make it through the SAP Certification Technical Review.  In addition to the free certification voucher and being featured on SCN, you will also be invited to the enablement sessions and get discounted access to the SAP Learning Hub.


Gold Status:


To attain gold status, an author must have submitted 50 items that make it through the SAP Certification Technical Review.  As a reward for attaining gold status, you will earn all the perks associated with the silver status and a special access to the SAP Learning Hub. As an external author, the gold status membership will also afford you the privilege of taking part in our Item Writing Workshops and Standards Setting sessions.


Other information on our Rewards Program:


  1. Each item accepted by the GCT counts as one point in our rewards program.
  2. The GCT has the right to provide feedback and will not be held accountable in cases where feedback is not provided.
  3. The GCT will conduct an annual qualification review for silver and gold members. Criteria for this annual qualification will be communicated before the annual review.
  4. Collation of points and other reward related issues will be managed by the GCT.


Please note that the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program is offered by the Global Certification Team and is independent of the rewards program offered by SCN. Please contact the Global Certification Team if you have any questions regarding the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Program.

Hi All,


When it comes to the SAP World, whether an individual is  an SAP Developer or a Client or a Partner, the most controversial question that comes to everyone's mind is,


What matters more : An SAP Certification in a module? Or actual expertise/experience?


The answer to this question is really difficult to conclude. But there are always these 3 possibilities:


1. An SAP Certified individual is always "Hot" in the market as they say. The reason, being, that the person has spent innumerable amount of time and efforts (and of course, a lot of money) into studying each and every aspect of that particular module. It is assumed that a Certified Person is a walking/talking encyclopedia for that module.

It is a given that he/she knows everything about that module, in and out.

But the question arises here is that, will the person have that presence of mind and the ability to solve huge problems a customer is facing while using an SAP Product?

Quite a dicey situation. Beacuse there is a huge difference in knowing what to do and knowing how to do it.


Then comes the second possibility:


2. Walks in a person, claiming to be an expert, who has  put in years  of efforts and hard work to acquire the knowledge gained by a certified person in just a few months. Now, it may seem that this person has an equal amount of knowledge as a certified person (let's say).

But the only difference, and a huge one in this case, is that this person has learnt all of it the hard way. This person knows the actual ins and outs of the issues he/she has faced during his tenure of hard work. This is hard-earned knowledge which can never be left unnoticed. But will this person be able to face the customers? Will he have that presence of mind of what to do when actually the problem occurs? Quite difficult. Not everyone can do that.


Now, what if the above these 2 points are combined? That is where the 3rd possibility comes in:


3. What if a person has considerable amount of expertise/experience, and is also SAP Certified? Deadly Combination, isn't it?

This means that the person has the expertise, as well as the knowledge. This person will know  what is to be done, when it is to be done and how is it to be done.

The best combination, a complete package any recruiter would love to have? May be.


But is it a protocol that such people will always have the upper hand/advantage over others?


Does this mean that after completing a certain time in SAP, you have to go for SAP certification?


These are the questions that may never be answered perfectly by anyone.


Please excuse me if I have mentioned anything which is  misleading. These are only my personal thoughts afterall. But I would love to know what you guys think about this?


Please share your thoughts.





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