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The "SAP Learn Now" Community provides you with a forum to exchange questions, comments, and ideas with fellow learners and experienced professionals. The community serves as an ongoing extension to SAP Education formal learning. You are invited to ask questions, share your knowledge with others on all kinds of SAP learning topics as well as find support for the "SAP Learn Now" mobile app.

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Due to changing strategy, the SAP Learn Now space is an archive and contains read-only content. The content here might be merged with another space or removed at a future date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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If you have a question related to a topic in a specific SAP Education training, just use the course code as a tag of your post.

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SAP Learn Now - FAQ


How To Use "SAP Learn Now" Tablet App


Learn the basic steps to start learning with the SAP Learn Now mobile learning tablet app.



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SAP Learn Now is a new mobile learning tablet application from SAP which offers mobile and multimedia driven classes with a social learning component.

Collaboration and exchange takes place in the SAP Learn Now community space.


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