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Courses (UAP Members-Only Access)LanguageProduct NeededClient Dataset
SAP Supply Chain Management and SAP ERP using Global Bike, IncEnglishSAP SCM 7.0 and SAP ERP 6.0 EhP4Global Bike, Inc. 2.11 (Multi Company Code)
Teaching Supply Chain and Operations Management with SAP ERPEnglishSAP ERP 6.0 EhP4Global Bike, Inc. 2.11 (Multi Company Code)
Purchasing and Forecasting using SAP ERPEnglishSAP ERP


Fitter Snacker Standard

Supply Chain Management with Fitter Snacker (using SAP ERP & SAP SCM)EnglishSAP ERP & SAP SCMFitter Snacker Standard and IDES SCM
Supply Chain Management with Global Bikes Inc. (using SAP ERP & SAP SCM)EnglishSAP ERP & SAP SCMGBI
Introduction to SAP SCM 7.0EnglishSAP SCMDatabase Independent
Course Supplements (UAP Members-Only AccessLanguageProduct NeededClient Dataset
Flya Kite - Independent Production Planning CaseEnglishSAP ERPFlya Kite
Flya Kite - Independent Purchasing CaseEnglishSAP ERPFlya Kite
Production Management and Control SystemsEnglishSAP ERPIDES
Production Planning and Inventory Control using SAP ERPEnglishSAP ERPIDES
Purchasing Exercises using SAP ERPEnglishSAP ERPIDES
Quality Management Exercises using SAP ERPEnglishSAP ERPIDES
Value Chain Simulation: Integrating SAP ERP with Computer Integrated Manufacturing ToolsEnglishSAP ERPCIM
Frutado Case: Advanced Planning Using SAP CRM (offline / interactive datango tool)EnglishSAP SCM and DatangoN/A
SHARE: SAP Case Study Production Planning and ControlGermanSAP ERPIDES



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