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This space intends to share information, experience and to offer room for discussions around the UI strategy and across UI technologies. For technology specific blogs or discussions we encourage you to make use of the dedicated spaces as listed below.

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Hearing is Believing - Why - Screen Readers, Accessibility & Fiori

Understand the basics of why and how to provide Screen Reader capability for Fiori, SAPUI5, or OPENUI5 apps.

Jocelyn Dart, February 16, 2016

Get Involved: Impact SAP’s Solution for UI Adaptation by Sharing Your Needs

Help us to understand how you’re currently dealing with UI adaptation. What do your processes look like? What challenges do you face? And how should it work for you ideally? Whether you’re a key user, a partner, or a rapid developer: share your views with us and be part of shaping Runtime Adaptation. Thomas Niederbuehl, December 10, 2015

SAP UX Explorer is going to grow: SAP Enterprise Architecture Explorer is around the corner

The SAP UX Explorer takes its next evolutionary step which includes more topics beyond UX and a name change that covers the fact that Enterprise Architecture becomes a major aspect and provides new structures for new content that will be developed in 2016 and later. This blogs talks about this evolution and about what you can expect in the near future.Juergen Jakowski, December 3, 2015

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP2 now available. New analytics, theming, social, and admin features again, the SAP Screen Personas product team has delivered a great set of improvements with SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP2, which is now generally available. Based on your feedback, we have included over 150 new features and product improvements. Peter Spielvogel, November 9, 2015


SAP User Interface Technologies - Road Map the SAP User Experience Strategy clearly communicates the direction SAP has chosen to improve the UX of SAP software, the SAP UI technology strategy further details out, how and with which key UI technologies SAP plans to support this UX strategy. Ingo Deck, November 8, 2015

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